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Another fun filled day... 12/23/00 ~Jamie
Hi welcome to the first update of my site.. Since this is the first update i doubt if anyone will read this for oh, say a week maybe. I'm working on getting the site and all of the pics and banners done. Shouldn't take too long.





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Kodomo no Omocha

Hyperactive 11-year-old child actress Sana Kurata seems to have it all. She's starring in an afterschool show called Child's Toy, her mother is an award-winning writer (with a squirrel living in her hair) and she even has her own manager-"pimp"-boyfriend (as she calls him). It seems like everything's under control until she attends class and finds her classmate Akita Hayama ruling the students and the teachers with an iron hand and icy glare. Sana is determined to set things right and only gets absorbed into the history and life of Hayama as she tries to break through his cold exterior. Things start to change when his attentions turn to her. Then there are others getting involved with her problems...

Character Bio's
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