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Another fun filled day... 12/23/00 ~Jamie
Hi welcome to the first update of my site.. Since this is the first update i doubt if anyone will read this for oh, say a week maybe. I'm working on getting the site and all of the pics and banners done. Shouldn't take too long.





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Jamie's Fansubs

This is the list page where we will have the list of all of our animes to order one of these go here to find out how

A = Excellent Copy, one of the best, little lines or shaking (if any)
B = Pretty Good, little bit of shaking, subtitles still very readable
C = Ahhh, starting to get sucky, shaking often, maybe some color bleeding, little hard to read subtitles
D = These suck ass, I will not put any of these up here, almost impossible to read subs, shakes constantly

The episodes that are colored in Black we have in stock
The episdoes that are colored in Red are coming soon
The episodes that are in Blue we are replacing (bad tapes etc..)

  Volume 1 Episodes 1-4 A
  Volume 2 Episodes 5-8 A
  Volume 3 Episodes 9-12 (sound fades in and out when people are talking) B
  Volume 4 Episodes 13-16 B+
  Volume 5 Episodes 17-20 A
  Volume 6 Episodes 21-25 (Episode 25 gets cut off) A

Weiß Kreuz    
  Episodes 1-4 A
  Episodes 5-7 A
  Episodes 8-10 B
  Episodes 11-13 B
  Episodes 14-16 B+
  Episodes 17-19 B
  Episodes 20-22 B
  Episodes 23-24 (end) B

Vampire Princess Miyu    
  Volume 1 Episodes 1-4 A

Also, yes i did have DBZ episodes and plenty of them.. I have taken them off the list because the series is not in very good quality sooo, i'm now trading for better quality fansubs.

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