Tramps Like Us
- Kimi wa Peto -

Story Summary
A series about a career woman named Sumire in her late 20's who finds a teenage boy sleeping in a card board box near her house one day. He's a runaway and she decides to take him in and justifies the act by treating him like a pet and naming him Momo. She keeps this a secret from her co-workers and her new boyfriend, Hasume. Sumire and Momo obviously have feelings for each other, but Sumire tries to keep focused on Hasume.

My Opinion
This story is addicting with all the love triangles and hidden feelings. Its funny and scandalous and keeps you reading just to see when Sumire and Takeshi (Momo) will finally get together.

General Information
Author: Yayoi Ogawa
Volumes: 14
Genre: Drama/Romance
Age Rating: 16+
Years Run in Japan: 2000-2005
Japanese Publisher: Kodansha
US Distributor: Tokyopop
US Release Year: 2005
Made into Anime?: no, but a live-action tv drama