Tokyo Babylon

Story Summary
Tokyo Babylon features only three main characters. Subaru Sumeragi, the leader of the Sumeragi clan, a clan that has protected Tokyo with their psychic powers for generations. Subaru's twin sister, Hokuto, a lively and eccentric girl, who loves Subaru dearly. And lastly Seishiro Sakurazuka, Subaru and Hokuto's good friend. Seishiro is a kind and gentle veteranarian, but is also the leader of the Sakurazukamori clan, a mysterious assassin clan. He says he's in love with Subaru.
Subaru helps people who have problems with spirits. His psychic powers are very strong and will work without rest to help others. Sometimes Seishiro will help Subaru with his jobs as well.

My Opinion
Tokyo Babylon is a series with many stories of Subaru helping others. But behind it all is the relationship between the three friends. Seishiro and Subaru actually met years before the current storyline, and the warm friendship soon changes into something that will weigh on the hearts of all three of them for the rest of their lives.

Tokyo Babylon stars Subaru and Seishiro, who later become a part of CLAMP's X/1999 story line.

Tokyo Babylon was made into two 50 minute anime, the first in 1992, the second in 1994. Both episodes are available on one DVD in the US.

General Information
Author: CLAMP
Volumes: 7
Genre: supernatural, drama
Age Rating: 13+
Years Run in Japan: 1991-1994
Japanese Publisher: Shinshokan
US Distributor: Tokyopop
US Release Year: 2004
Made into Anime?: yes
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