Erica Sakurazawa's Works

Story Summaries
Erica Sakurazawa's are all seperate stories of turbulent relationships, steamy passions, and love.

- Nothing But Loving You (1994)
The story of a snobby model named Nanako. Nanako was at the peak of her popularity in modeling, until she gets fired for having a bad attitude. While working other jobs, Nanako meets Etsushi, a fellow model who is currently dating a man. Nanako decides to pursue him anyways, and while things are getting good with Etsushi, Nanako's old lover, Mitsuhiko, comes back into her life. Nanako's confused about her modeling career and about Etsushi, Etsushi's confused about his current lover and Nanako, and Mitsuhiko just wants to make Nanako happy.

- Between the Sheets (1996)
Saki and Minako are best friends. Minako's beginning to realize that she's in love with Saki and wants to be the only one Saki can trust. Minako doesn't trust any of the boys Saki dates, so she sleeps with them to convince herself they're no good. Soon all the lies can't hide the truth anymore and Saki begins to see that Minako isn't the friend she thought she was.

- Angel (2001)
Kato doesn't know what to do when he picks up an actual angel at a bar. He lets her stay in his home and she comes and goes as she pleases. The quiet angel also visits Mizuho, a depressed teenage girl, and a 5-year-old girl named Chi who lives with her neglectful mother. Stories of how the angel brought joy to everyone's lives she came into.

- Angel's Nest (2001)
The same quiet angel is floating around, and this time she visits a woman named Natsu, who has just found her husband cheating on her with a former student of his. Her husband Ken decides to leave Natsu for his new lover Emi, but Emi doesn't want a serious relationship with him. After Ken leaves Natsu, he tries to see Emi, but she decides the safest place to hide from him is by crashing with Natsu. Oddly enough, Natsu allows Emi to stay and they become friends. This book also includes a few random short stories.

- The Rules of Love (2001)
Chizu falls in love for the first time with a boy named Taku. Her relationship with Taku becomes the most important thing in her life, but things get bad when she starts suspecting he may be cheating on her. Taku is always leaving to "meet his guy friends" and one day when Chizu follows Taku she sees the horrible truth; he's with another woman. Chizu doesn't know what to do now that she can no longer trust her first love.

- The Aromatic Bitters (2002)
The story of two friends, Sayumi and Hide, who are in unsatisfying relationships. Sayumi has been with her boyfriend for years, but their relationship is in a rut. When Sayumi meets a handsome young man while she's on vacation, she spends a passionate night with him and gives more thought to what to do about her current relationship. Hide knows her husband cheats on her, but feels its best to stay with him. When her husband asks for a divorce, Hide meets a younger man who treats her like someone special.

My Opinion
All very good stories of love and the troubles that come with it.

General Information
Author: Erica Sakurazawa
Volumes: 6
Genre: Romance/Drama
Age Rating: 18+
Years Run in Japan: 1994-2002
Japanese Publisher: Shodensha
US Distributor: Tokyopop
US Release Year: 2003
Made into Anime?: no