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Story Summary
Twelve year old Ritsuka is devastated by the gruesome murder of his older brother Seimei. Ever since his brother's death Ritsuka has done poorly interacting with classmates and getting along with his mother. One day Ritsuka meets a young man named Soubi who says he was Seimei's friend and servant. Ritsuka and Soubi begin spending more time together and Soubi gets Ritsuka involved in strange psychic battles with others. Ritsuka soon finds that these battles and those involved hold the key to Seimei's mysterious death and he will stop at nothing to find the truth.

My Opinion
An awesome series that pulls you in and keeps you wanting more.

General Information
Author: Yun Kouga
Volumes: 8+
Age Rating: 16+
Years Run in Japan: 2002-2006
Japanese Publisher: Ichijinsha
US Distributor: Tokyopop (up to vol. 8), Viz (vol. 9+)
US Release Year: 2006
Made into Anime?: yes
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