The Adventures of the Little Prince

Title Screen
Japanese Title: Hoshi no Ojisama Puchi Prince
Made in: 1978
Nick Air Dates: 1983 - 1988
Number of Episodes: 39

The Little Prince and Shifty

The Little Prince was pretty much about a little boy who lived on a asteroid called B612. He cleaned out the volcanoes there and tended to a girl who lived in a rose. One day a bird named Shifty came along and told the boy that he could catch rides on comets and visit other planets. He would usually visit earth and would learn valuable lessons there.

the rose girl

The Little Prince catching a ride on a comet

Episode Titles
(sorry, but I only have a few titles that aren't in any sort of order)

A Small Alien
The Chimney Sweep
Higher Than Eagles Fly
The Last Voyage of the Rose
On the Wings of Love
Rob the Rainbow
Somewhere in Space
Visit to Another Planet
The Wolf Pack

The Little Prince looking all happy