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(All saison1 episode are as say by YTV)

Episode 34 : The Eight Child Reveal
Kari is the eight digi-Kid! The digimon try to develop a plan to reclaim Kariís crest from the corrupt Myotismon.

Episode 35 : Flower Power
Mimiís digimon transform into the ultimate form Lylimon and challenges Myotismon.

Episode 36 : City Under Siege
With Gennai help, Izzy sets off to destroy a TV station which serves as the source of Myotismoní s power. Phantomon summmons two monstrous monster to destroy the kids.

Episode 37 : Wizardmonís Gift
Wizardmon reveals that Kari is the eight digi-destined child, only Myostismon has uncovered the secret, vowing to destroy her !

Episode 38 : Prophecy
Gennai unearths a prophecy that could lead to the salvation of both The Real and Digiworld.

Episode 39 : The Battle For Earth
A massive landmass Ė an entire upside down continent- is headed to destroy the Digi-kids.

Episode 40 : Enter The Dark Masters
Chuumon reveals the existence of the mysterious Dark Master, who plan to take over the Digital World.

Episode 41 : Sea- Sick And Tired
The digimon Heros find themselves back in the Digital World, and are attack by the ocean dwelling Shellmon.

Episode 42 : Under Pressure
Izzy discovers War Greymon ability to destroy Dramon species of Digimon, like Metalseadramon.

Episode 43 : Playing Games
War Greymon destroy Metalseadramon with his own aquatic weapon, TheRiver of Power. Puppetmon plots to capture the digi-destined. The digi-kid cleverly captures Puppetmon voodoo dolls and escape Puppetmon control.

Episode 44 : Trash Day
Cherrymon, a sinister and clever tree-like digimon , convince Matt to rebel againts Taiís position of authority.

Episode 45 : The Ultimate Clash
Puppetmon begins a argument between Matt and Tai over their digi-destined mission.

Episode 46 : Etemonís Come Back Tour
A tribe of Woodmon rob the digimon, Ogremon of his powers.

Episode 47 : Ogremon Honour
Puppetmon reveals that the village of beginnings was destroyed by the Dark Master and the digi-kids vow to revebge the evil Dark Masters and restore the village.

Episode 48 : My Sisterís Keeper
Machidramon appears and initiates the explosion of the digimonís beloved home.

Episde 49 : The Crest Of Light
The digi-kids encounter Waru-Monzaemon , who enslaved a tribe of Numemon and forced them to work within the corrupt Machinedramon city.

Episode 50 : Joeís Battle
The powerful and ruthless Lady Devimon confronts Tai and his crew.

Episode 51: The Crest Of Friendship After rescuing Sora, Matt and Tai reconcile their friendship, igniting Mattís crest into a radiant glow.

Episode 52 : Piedmon Last Jest
The digi-destined kids transform their digimon into the ultimate digital champions, Wargreymon and Metal Garurumon, to attack Piedmon.

Episode 53 : Apocalymon Now
Gennai discovers an ancient inscription, which threatens to destroy the Digital World.

Episode 54 : The Fate Of Two Worlds
The digimon digivolve and wage battle againts Apocalymon.