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Club Chibi Yuri

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Welcome to Club Chibi Yuri, the sister club of Club Yuri.  The rules are the same with a few changes.  Only young Anime girls are allowed in and it's more of a cute environment.  There will be new staff, I just need to recruit them.  Please check out the rules and the site links.


Rules are, as always, simple.

1. Any Young Anime girl is allowed.

2. Do not force someone to be with you, find someone willing.

3. Make sure that part of your posts include where you are. You don't want the mistake of posting a lusty sex scene and everyone think it's on the dance floor.

4. You can make out in the booths and the hotel, you can flirt and pet at the bar and on the dance
floor, simple enough.

5. If you want an original character, please post a full description, if you have a pic, add that too.

6. There is a great deal of un-named pics of anime girls, if you find one you wanna play and name
her, post the pic in the taken characters folder with the name, and post a bio for her.

7. No male characters. If you are a guy and you wanna play a girl, that's okay.

8. Please make sure that what you are doing to someone is okay with them, no violence, blood or
pain. Light bondage and stuff like that is okay.
Other than that, go for it. 

Club Staff

Current Party Girls

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