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Yusuke's Noodle House(Under Reconstruction!!!)


Hey, sowwy about the delay absences. Yes, people I'm alive!! ^__^ As u can see I've been pretty busy over the years, and I haven't been able to update the Yusuke site for eternity. Over the rusty years, I had to endure every tight and turn, which really messed me up, and I almost lost an interest to update since. It's sad yes, my life has been rather upsetting lately. Now that I have to worry about collage, I'm taking this time to make my self useful and enjoy every last remaining piece of happiness I've got, before hitting the books. Ughh.. Don't worry folks Yusuke's Noodle House will be back up on its feet in no time.(we gotta promotion, yah!) =P

Anywayz, wut's the buzz?? I'm gonna remodel this site to a much sexier version than the last. I will announce that once I'm finished. Oh yah, and u (the fans) thanx u so much for visiting. If it wasn't for u I would still be in a dirt nap. K I'm done now. In the meantime, if ur wondering what's been going on with this screw loose, u can check me out in my weblog.


Thanx again everyone, in the meantime, enjoy ur Yu Yu fandom. ^_o