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Welcome to Sayain Dojo.  This site is dedicated to the best anime Series ever Dragonball Z.  This site will provide you with much useful knowledge about the world of Dragonball Z.  If there is anything that you would like to see on this site feel free to address your opinion, also if there is any false information please inform us so that we can fix it.  Thank you, and enjoy your visit to Sayain Dojo. Please sign our guestbook.  Last updated February 17, 2001. 

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 A great selection of Dragonball Z toys located here.
 Season 5 is set to air in the fall of 2001.
 The updates on this site have been slowed down temporarily while I try to finish my paper and project for English so that I can graduate from high school so I will work a little harder on it during my breaks but keep checking back and feel free to make suggestions. 

 Bid For Power was ceased by FUNimation. However, the order was quickly removed a few days later.  The story is that Infogrames may be licensing their game...but nothing is certain. I doubt the game would be changed too much if this occurs, but, production still continues. 
 New Grounds has a section of their site dedicated to DBZ flash material, in our personal opinion its rather tight. Click Here
 We have 4 image sections finished we are going to upload them when all ten are finish so check back in a few weeks and we are working really hard to get the profiles up, but we are thinking it should be sometime after Christmas before they are finished.
 Movies #4, #5, and #6 slated for U.S. release in 2001.
 FUNimation has licensed Infogrames/GT Interactive as a developer of DBZ games for PS, PS 2, and Gameboy Color. Expect nothing until 2002.  Click here for more information


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