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.:Sailor Mini Moon/Rini:.

Chibi-Usa/Rini= Such a cute little character (other than Chibi Chibi) and full of spirit. She acts very much like Serena who , in surprise, is her mother in the future. Darien is of course her father. She dreams of being lady like but when boys are on her mind she can become very....... well....... competitive. She aways seeks advice from Darien and really is very spunky.

  • Name in Japan:Usagi (Often Chibi-Usa) Tsukino
  • Name in English:Rini
  • Birthday:June 30
  • Sign:Cancer
  • Blood type:O-
  • Height:3'5
  • Fav. Foods:Pudding and Pancakes
  • Least Fav. Food:Carrots
  • Hobbies:Collecting rabbit items
  • Fav. Subject:Art
  • Least Fav. Subject:Languages
  • Fav. Gem:Diamond
  • Fav. Color:Red and Pink
  • School:Minato-ku Juuban Elementary School
  • Family:Her parents are Mamoru and Usagi
  • Dream:To become a lady