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.:Sailor Mercury/Ami:.

Ami= Okay, she's the usual girl who everyone thinks is a know-it-all. Her qualities are great. Nice, mentor, and always their to tell you the truth.A great friend to everyone she meets and there to back you up when you need her.

  • Name in Japan:Ami Mizuno
  • Name in English:Ami
  • Birthday:September 10
  • Sign:Virgo
  • Blood type:A
  • Height:5'6
  • Fav. Food:Sandwhiches and anmitsu
  • Least Fav. Food: Yellow-tail tuna
  • Hobbies:Reading, chess, & computers
  • Fav. Subject:Math
  • Least Fav. Subject:None
  • School:Juuban Junior High/(N/A) Crossroads Junior High
  • Fav. Color:Aquamarine
  • Fav. Gem:Sapphire
  • Fav. Sport:Swimming
  • Family:Her mother
  • Dream:To become a doctor like her Mom