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ATTENTION ALL FAN FICTION WRITERS: If you would like to have your fics posted on my site, then please E-mail the first fic you want advertised to me asap. If I accept yours, you will have your own page with your fics on them. But remember, don't just wright one then think 'to heck with it', I need you to do a good job and keep your fics going. You don't have to write one everyday or anything, but I'd prefere you write one once in awile....^____^; So E-mail them fics my way! Thankies!
Mess-up in The Guest Book: I was trying to be cute by putting Whats Your Deapest Darkest Secret as One of the questions, but now it comes up as just deapest!!! >.< So no, Im not a perve, its just the f'ed up guestbooks ^_~
Please Sign The Guest Book! I Need Some Signatures! ^0^ Thanks a bunch!
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