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Ryoko's Place
Last Updated 2-26-02

My Favorite Things to do

My Favorite Web Sites

This is a pretty good Tenchi Muyo Web page!
That is awesome Ryoko site
Page one of Music Downloads
Page one of Image Gallery
This is Tenchi Universe Webpage
That will take you to a very cool website!!(SM website)
RFFC (Ryoko Forever Fan Club)

Yeaa!!! What do you what? Whats that you say, you want to know me better. Well forget it, Cus I am not squealing! Ok, I'll tell you something about me! Well My name is Ryoko, but you can call me Space Pirate Ryoko, since I am the greatest space pirate of all time, I am about 2017 years old, thats galatic time, on earth time, I am 17 years old! Also my birthday is August 23 ((thats not mine, thats ryoko's))Well, My Mother's name: Washu

But I call her a Evil Sciencetist that just loves to mess with my perfect life, Then there is Tenchi My Love!!