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08/23/2008 - Fixed up the fan art page XD

08/20/2008 - Wow, so like, how long has it been??? 6 years? Okay, well I finally got back to my website so I've made a few changes to it. I've updated my e-mail address, changed the layout of the page, deleted all my missing links, and now it's time to fix this shit up!

3/5/01 - Ryoko Forever was created.

3/5-4/1/01 - worked on basics

sometime - added Ryoko Forever to Anipike.

4/29/01 - New layout, added Meow to Lyrics, updates page added.

4/30/01 - New layout finally done!

5/1/01 - Deleted yellowish Ryoko pic from my fanart, put Ryoko Pics in columns and rows.

5/6/01 - Fixed that annoying Ryoko's Karaoke Song. I don't know what the hell happened! It just transformed into the my links page.

5/12/01 - Added Ryoko Forever to Anime Pitstop. Hopefully I'll get more hits.

5/12/01 - Thinking about changing layout again. And I need suggestions on what to do next. Come on guys. Don't forget about this site.

5/13/01 - Added Quotes page.

5/14/01 - Added Vote for me page. Added Ryoko Forever to

5/17/01 - Changed Layout. I didnt really like the 2nd layout very well, did you? Plus, I was thiking of you guys and how Ryoko Forever could be better, and I think I will study up on some new HTML tricks and see if I can't do something different with it.

5/23/01 - added a few more quotes. Added the part about Ayeka being Tenchi's GREAT AUNT to the Ryoko VS. Ayeka page.

5/24/01 - added the kill ayeka page. Changed the lines in my GB, cool huh? Added Pretty Sammy to Song Lyrics. Gave all the songs titles. (At the top where it says what page you are at)

Added Katharine's suggestions on how to kill Ayeka.

6/10/01 - deleted Vote for Me. Changed everything to black and white ;p

6/16/01 - Added Ryoko and Nagisa's portrait called Blossoming Love. It really proves there was going to be more because it was drawn by the artist who drew the OVA series.

7/27/01 - Saw the first 9 episodes of Saber Marionette SMJ is my FAVORITE anime!!!!

7/29/01 - Added new anime that I have seen (Kabuto, Ninja Cadets!, and Battle Arena Toshindin)

5/9/02 - O_O HOLY CRAP!!! It's been FOREVER since I worked on this page! DAMN! I added 26 more pictures! Hey, you asked, and I FINALLOY gave!!! YAY!!