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Ways to kill Ayeka
Ways To Kill Ayeka
1)Ryoko stabs her through the head with her energy sword

2)She is infected with Twinkle Maria Murdock and the Space Warrior's virus Monkey Business

3)Throw her in a tub of Acid

4)Feed her to a hungry Ethiopian (submitted by Jen)

5)Toss her off an airplane 10,000 feet in the air directly over a mountain range

6)Force her face in a pool and drown her

7)Have Aisha Clanclan rip her apart

8)Tell her Tenchi wants to see her and when she goes to see him have Ryoko and Katharine ambush her. (submitted by Katharine)

9)Just have Katharine rip her head of so Katharine can play volleyball and soccer with it! (submitted by Katharine)

Please Email me more ways to kill Ayeka. If you agree with killing her, submit your ideas to my GB under ways to kill ayeka or email them to me.