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The love that Ryoko and Tenchi share... is beautiful to say the least. Tenchi never admits it fully, but he loves Ryoko and only cares for Ayeka as a friend. The part where Ayeka falls and cuts her leg open and sprains her ankle? Katsuhito told Tenchi to help her. He did it out of kindness, not love. In The Time and Space Adventures, in Ryoko's world, Ryoko tells Tenchi she will take him on a real trip and holds his hand. Tenchi accepts her hand willingly and holds on tight.

Ok..maybe Ryoko likes to flaunt her ummm.... body around, but that's only because she really has no shame. She finds it natural to be naked. And I quote..."It's only natural to take a bath naked." Then she adds a remark on Ayeka's ... ... size... ... But that's another story. he he he.... >:)
The point is Ryoko is more aggressive than that OTHER woman...but also more sincere and loving. Let Ayeka have Yosho....eeeeww....She made such a big deal about it. Plus, if you think about it, Ayeka is really Tenchi's GREAT AUNT! Ayeka doesn't have enough care in her. She always wants everyone to do what she wants.
OK. Maybe this turned out to be more of an Ayeka Hate page than a Ryoko vs. Ayeka page. But my site IS a Ryoko Shrine so..... GET OVER IT!