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I have take sprite without permission, sop I should give credit were it's given.
Most of the sprite are from GSA or "Game Sprite Archives" on some of the galleries,
Rip 'r us, and a few other places. Sorry for not giving anyone credit. I might had slipped my mind when I put them up. I am really sorry holo. really sorry.
Special Note: Characters and graphics still belong to their respective company,
therefore none of these are to be used for commercial
or profitable use.

[CAPCOM] [SNK] [Gundam Wing] [G Gundam:Mobile Fighters]
[Neo-Geo Pocket] [Pepsiman] [DragonBallZ] [Tekkaman/Teknoman]
[Kenshin] [Neon Genesis Evangelion] [Chrono Cross] [Tenchi Muyo]
[Cardcaptor Sakura] [Dead or Alive] [Final Fantasy 5,7,8,&9] [Guilty Gear]
[Jinzoningen Kikaider] [Grandia] [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Bloody Roar]
[Azure Dreams] [Waku Waku 7] [Super Chinese Fighters] [VR Troopers]
[Voltage Fighter Gowcaiser] [Homemade Gifs] [Weird Gifs] [Misc.]

[Gifs of the Month]

-[Last Months Gifs]-

March 2K1
[Mina and Bunny's Dayoff]
[Matching Girl]

April 2K1
[Goku vs. Majin Vegita]
[1 guy, 2 girl and a sword]