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Welcome to this page, I made this page for one purpose, and that is to make it awesome.
I will have Anime gifs, anime music, anime/game movies,
and much, much more....


I am just putting in alot of Gifs for SNK and CAPCOM, Emulator for gameboy and roms for gameboy, a cool FF8 hit-counter

I just added alot of Gundam W Gifs, I also added a special Javascript for the side bar on frameset, and also did alil more work on the other parts of the site.

Hey ppls welcome to the New Year...^_^, I have just added a few kewl DBZ gifs, found more Capcom gifs pg2, Kenshin gifs, Tekkaman gifs, misc, and Eva gifs.

I have just added Snes Emulators, Roms.

I added more gifs to the Capcom and Snk gif section, and also added a lil morrigan e-mail pic, so please if you want to contact me, click on her.

Hey ppls, I just added a Tenchi Muyo, Chrono Cross, Dead or Alive, and CardCaptor Sakura animated gif gallerys. I also put up some new gifs in Evangelion, Gundam W, and Misc. gif galleries. I customs a messege board it will look cooler.

I put up lots of affiliates and links for anime and roms/emulators site. I also put up some kewl as hell VMU Save files for the US of A only.I put up SD Gundam gif Gallery with some killer gifs.

Well, I found more SD Gundam animated gifs. I also put up a banner for the site. Now if I can get a Enterance pic for the first page then I am set. I added Pepsiman gifs.

I found some more SD gundam Gifs for the gallery. also found FF9 gifs for the Misc. gallery.

I found 7 Neon Genesis Evangelion gifs for the Eva gallery. I also found lots of SD gundam gif for the SD Gundam gif gallery

I found a load of new FF V, VII, VIII, &IX Gifs, I took them out of the Misc. Gifs gallery and gave them there own gallery.

Found lot more Gundam W gifs for the Gundam gif gallery, I found 8 G Gundam Gifs also. I also added some music to the frameset and the very first page of the site.

I found some SD gundam related gifs for SDGundam Gif, I found some more Gundam W, Capcom,and Beastwars gifs.Also added to new Roms for GBC, One is BeastWars in Japanese and the other is Catwoman in English.

I put up lots of Pokemon Games, and others for Gameboy, GameBoy Color, and Gameboy Advanded. Now I need a Gameboy Advance Emulator, and added 1 Gundam W Gif to it's gallery.

I only put up page 2 of the SNK Gifs.

I finally put up some comix for once, and I am glad to do so. Well, I put up the first issues of Gundam Wing:Ground Zero, Rival Schools, and Gundam Crossbone Chapter 001.

I am adding a no frame to my site. I am trying to make it better then the other, I also put up some more Capcom and SNK gifs in theree own galleries.

Adding Some 1 manziger, a few Ultraman, and 12 Jinzoningen Kikaider gifs. Also added a hentai gif gallery.

Added a new Neo-Geo Pocket gifs gallery for only in the NoFrame page. I added a 3rd page to the SNK gifs gallery, and added a new page to the SNK gallery, page 3, w/loads of gifs.

I've just added m.u.g.e.n., if you know what that is. well if you do try it.

Just added more SNK gifs to the 2nd page of its gallery.

I am going to remove the No frame because it has lots of problems as of yesterday. So I will close the page down, Bring it up someday. Now I am going to add more of the stuff from the No-frame and convert the Frame with newer stuff. It is gonna rock some girls pantys off. I hope it's a cute one.

I had to re-add the pepsiman gif gallery because of some minor difficulties that were not under my control. I also added custom cursor to the site. Hope you love it, I know I do. I also just added a few Icons in the main page of the site. It is in the frame. I made a Weird gifs section, and a Homemade Gifs Section.

I just added some pics on the fanart gallery , added a new sonic the hedgehog gallery. and lastly today 2 7up spot gifs in the misc. gifs page. Added 2Duke Nukem Gifs.

Coming soon More VMU file, Some more Manga Comix, and Fanart pages.^_^