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Inner Senshi

USAGI TSUKINO / SAILOR MOON An ordinary teenager, Usagi has your normal uncertainties and doubts about herself. But when she transforms into Sailor Moon, she must fight for justice - whether she likes it or not! She isn't your usual heroine, but has an endearingly klutzy personality.

AMI MIZUNO / SAILOR MERCURY The brains of the group, Ami is very smart and excels at school. When not reading or studying, she transforms into Sailor Mercury and fights for good with Sailor Moon. Very level-headed and practical, Ami is Usagi's opposite in many ways, but they remain great friends.

REI HINO / SAILOR MARS Used to being the "queen" of her school, Rei is a confident and tempermental teenager. She is quite skilled with shrine magic, as well as her magical abilities as Sailor Mars. She and Sailor Moon often clash in opinion and in love, with hilarious results!

MAKOTO KINO / SAILOR JUPITER Makoto's favorite things seem to be boys and food! When she isn't cooking up a storm or sighing over a passing bishounen, she fights evil as Sailor Jupiter. She is always ready to blast the enemy away with her special thunder attacks!

MINAKO AINO / SAILOR VENUS Before joining the Sailor Senshi as Sailor Venus, Minako used to fight crimes in England as Sailor V. She loves P.E. and is very athletic, but hates all her other school subjects. She has her own feline mentor, Artemis.

Outer Senshi

HARUKA TENNOU / SAILOR URANUS An extreme tomboy, Haruka usually wears boy's clothes, speaks like a boy, and loves racing on her motorcycle. She and Michiru Kaiou, Sailor Neptune, share a deep and special bond.

MICHIRU KAIOU / SAILOR NEPTUNE Seemingly cold and heartless as Sailor Neptune, Michiru is actually a very gentle and compassionate person. She and Haruka are usually seen togther, but their true intentions and goals are at best enigmatic.

HOTARU TOMOE / SAILOR SATURN Hotaru is physically weak and easily fatigued, and possesses a mysterious healing ability that alienates her from her schoolmates. She finds friends in Sailor Moon and Chibi Usagi. However, she has a mysterious past that could endanger everyone around her.

SETSUNA MEIOU / SAILOR PLUTO At first only known as the "mysterous Sailor Pluto," Setsuna later makes her entrance in the Sailor Moon S series. She is older than the other girls and dreams of being a designer. As Sailor Pluto, she has the power to manipulate time.

Friends and Family

CHIBI USA Chibi Usa (short for Usagi) was sent back in time to the 20th century to get help from Sailor Moon. She returns in the Sailor Moon R series and develops her powers.

CHIBI CHIBI Since she isn't old enough to speak yet, not much is know about Chibi Chibi, who seems to be from the future, like Chibi Usa. Much later, her true identity is eventually revealed as an essential character for the survival of the world.

MAMORU CHIBA / TUXEDO KAMEN Mamoru protects and fights alongside the Sailor Senshi. He and Usagi are in love, and it turns out that they have a common past ... and future. He uses red roses as his main attack.

LUNA & ARTEMIS Luna and Artemis are feline mentors to the Sailor Senshi, teaching them about their powers and their enemies. Being old friends, the two cats tend to squabble a lot.

SAILOR STARLIGHTS These three teenagers join the Sailor Senshi in the Sailor Moon Stars series as Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer. They're unique in that they transform into female senshi although they are male!