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Irregular Webcomic

David Morgan-Mar is the cartoonist who creates Irregular Webcomic. Irregular Webcomic is a serial strip that features a medium of Lego pieces to convey the story, and focuses on several different themed storylines. Cliffhangers follows the life of Dr. Montana “Monty” Jones in the 1930’s, and his run-ins with the Nazi army as he tries to keep them from plundering the world’s archeological treasures. Death follows the dealings of the deaths assigned to collecting souls that died in various ways, and their troubles involved in the collection. Espionage follows the life of British secret agent 0x0A, James Stud, as he tries to save the world from evil masterminds bent on conquering the world. Fantasy follows the lives of a adventuring group and their explorations and interactions with the Game Master. Harry Potter is based on the works of J.K. Rowling and follows the lives of students at Hogwart’s Academy. Imperial Rome is set in the Roman era, and follows the lives of a senator, Marcus, and an aspiring senator named Julius. Martians follows the lives of three Martians who try to take over the world, but have to deal with inept plans and The Men In Black. Mythbusters follows the lives of the cast of the television show, Mythbusters, as they try to find out the truth about various urban myths. Nigerian Finance Minister follows the cast of the finance ministry of Nigeria and their various plans to try and raise money for various purposes. Pirates follows the life of Captain Long Tom Short and his crew of dastardly pirates. Shakespeare follows the life of Will(iam) Shakespeare if he was born in the modern era and the influences it has on his writing. Space follows the lives of a crew of explorers and their adventures in space and cyberspace. Star Wars follows the lives of the casts of all of the Star Wars movies that were created by George Lucas and their adventures and insights about their experiences in the Star Wars universe. Steve and Terry follows the lives of the crocodile hunter, Steve Erwin and his exploration of the natural and supernatural world. Finally, Supers follows the lives of The League of Good Guys, starring: Captain Spatula, Dino Boy, Refractive Man, and the Worm Master. They fight against the Axis of Antagonists, which is comprised of: The Hippo, The Sea Dog, Aqualich, and The Bug.


David Hopkins is the cartoonist who creates Jack. Jack is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life (or rather, existence) of an embodiment of the sin of Wrath, a green rabbit named Jack. Jack's job as the Sin of Wrath is to herd souls of those who died, to their final destination. Jack's punishment in hell is that he doesn't remember any moment's of his life on Earth, and finds himself questioning God's plan, and his role in it. He empathizes with those souls who are basically good, but fall prey to weakness, and end up being dammed for it. This is an uncharacteristic trait for a sin to have, and he is far different from his fellow sins, as he actually dislikes his job, but follows the rules (or rather, doesn't abuse them to cause more suffering). Jack finds himself slowly regaining memories the more he interacts with the angel Farrago. These same memories he finds is a curse to him, yet he drives on taking little bits of memories back here and there, and mulling over them in his vast expanse of time working. Farrago is an angel who had her wings removed from a previous battle in hell, but finds that she cannot help but be curious about the sin that displays compassion over his charges, and even takes interest in their well-being. Even so, by just talking to Jack, Farrago could end up in trouble, because fraternizing with the enemy tends to ruffle the feathers of some of the higher-ups.
Kevin & Kell
Bill Holbrook is the cartoonist who creates Kevin and Kell. Kevin and Kell is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of the Dewclaw family. The Dewclaw family came together when a rabbit named Kevin Kindle and a wolf named Kell Dewclaw fell in love from their frequent online chats. There was a little bit of turbulence when they realized how different they really were, but managed to overcome the traditional predator and prey relationship and build a marriage together. From his previous marriage, Kevin brought with him his adopted daughter, a hedgehog named Lindesfarne, and Kell brought her son, a wolf named Rudy. In order to stay as much out of public scrutiny as possible, they moved to the suburban town of Domain, which bordered the great Wild, where animals still held the traditional ways. Kevin started up his Internet Service Provider, Hare-Link, and Kell continued to work as an executive for Herd Thinners, a company that specializes in products made from prey species as well as trimming down the prey species population. Together, they had a child, a carnivorous rabbit named Coney, who looks just like a rabbit, but behaves like and has the same diet as a wolf. As for humanity as a whole, they are only known to most people as an online comic that Rudy draws in his spare time, but the various bird species knows of the existence of humans in another dimension, and provides a barrier between the two worlds.

Lang Lang

Jodi Tong is the cartoonist who creates Lang Lang. Lang Lang is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), weekly serial strip that follows the life of a Siamese cat named Lang Lang. For most of Lang Lang's life, she has lived in an all-girl orphanage in China, never really having parents to look out for or to love her. Finally, her new mother and father who brought her to the Americas adopted her at the age of 8. She was getting used to her new environment when she stumbled across a familiar looking girl named Zhu Zhu. It turned out that Zhu Zhu was adopted from China as well and is Lang Lang's twin sister. After digging into the orphanage records online, they learn that they have another sister named Mei Mei, which makes them triplets. When they try to contact her, they find out that Mei Mei is living in the same town that they are in. After meeting Mei Mei and getting to know her, they all find out from a phone call that Mei Mei's adoptive parents died in a car crash. Fortunately Lang Lang's new parents adopt Mei Mei as well. Now, all the girls have to worry about is their normal pre-teen problems, and the occasional mix up by others of who is who.

Least I Could Do

Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza are the current cartoonists who create Least I Could Do, while Chad WM Porter and Trevor Adams are the former artists who worked with Ryan on Least I Could Do. Least I Could Do is a serial strip that follows the life of a writer named Rayne Summers. Rayne believes he is God’s gift to women, and frequently feels the need to share his gift with them. Aside from the pursuit of getting laid, Rayne spends a lot of his time scouting out new conquests and playing pranks on his friends. Rayne hates the idea of a continuous relationship, and for now plans on being a bachelor on the prowl until he dies. Rayne continues to chase his best female friend, Isse Alie, as they have been friends for years and she has been the one woman who he hasn’t been able to sleep with, not that he hasn’t tried. Isse prefers to keep Rayne as a friend, but seems to be secretly in love with him (due to the similarity of men she dates), but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Rayne rooms with his friend, John Gold, an elementary teacher, who is almost the exact opposite from Rayne. John seeks a long-term, stable relationship, and his sudden statements of asking women he just met to start a serious relationship, tends to keep him single. This has caused John to become a little bit desperate to find the right person for him, but not as much as his friend Mick Alfa. Mick is a mutual friend of Rayne and John, but ends up receiving the most abuse from they guys because of his almost utter failure to even get a date, let alone keep one. A lot of Mick’s problems stem from his habit of overeating and his lack of exercise. Rob Penfeild and Noel tend to get a lot of sarcastic remarks and outright insults from Rayne as they end up spending more time with their significant others, who rarely let them hang out with their friends.

Little Gamers

Christian Fundin and Pontus Madsen are the creators of Little Gamers. Little Gamers is a strip in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but keeping the same characters) that follows the lives of the incarnations of the creators of the comic. Christian typically runs the comic with his poking stick and access to the scripts. He is known for his skill with Tekken and his biting political commentary about the United States. He enjoys most games (or at least making fun of them if he doesn't like them), when he can get the controllers away from Madsen. Madsen is a longtime friend of Christian, and prides himself on his pr0n (porn) collection. He even accepted his current job with the understanding that they had high-speed Internet access. Not known for his spelling, or personal hygiene, he rabidly defends his pr0n collection with his life. Fortunately for him, Marcus doesn't know too much about computers, and is slowly being ushered into the idea that the Internet has vast access to pr0n. He is an avid fan of the Final Fantasy series, and is slowly trying to fix his reputation between Christian and Madsen's ribbings, but they aren't making it easy for him. They all have to beware of the Cute Ninjas and their perchance for playing various ninja games on the Playstation 2, lest they be duct-taped to the ceiling again.

Lost & Found

Matt Milligan is the cartoonist that creates Lost & Found. Lost & Found is a serial strip that follows the lives of a private investigator named Frank Chase and his partner Max. Lost & Found incorporates anthropomorphism (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) in the comic with the mix of talking animals and humans. Frank and Max have to take on a variety of cases from: The Trouble With Furbles, to The Case of Mrs. Pheel's Cookies, to even Death at the Drawing Board. Lost & Found is primarily focused on the world of a private eye, but also follows topics from relationships, to current events.
Macropod Madness
C. Farrington, also known as "Kevin the Lion", is the cartoonist who creates Macropod Madness. Macropod Madness is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a light-blue kangaroo named Jacky Mango. Jacky lives in an apartment with his friend, a dark blue kangaroo named Strawberri Kiwi Roodriver, also known as SK. Jacky loves to spend his time playing video games, and is quite good with playing them with his feet, and even belongs in a feet-gaming club. When not spending his time on games, he spent his time vying for the affection of a purple kangaroo named Jenna Grape. Finally, after a twist of events by SK's ex-girlfriend, a brown kangaroo named Valeigha, Jacky finally started dating Jenna, not that his problems ended there. Jenna used to date SK, but after Valeigha's spell and then his disappearance, she seemed to somewhat resign herself to dating Jacky, but only until the time when he would screw things up. She is still waiting for Jacky to flirt with other girls, something he was notorious for doing before he finally ended up with Jenna, but with Jacky's newfound resolve, he might be able to stand that test. Now only if he could get her to admit that they were in a relationship. Aside from the relationship issues, Jacky also has to deal with other problems ranging from: a magical Cheshire cat running around convinced that he is his ancestor from 1000 years ago, to wishes from a cursed wishing stone gone awry, to even sorceresses who use black magic.
Make with the Funny
Paul D. Spencer, Ryan Abrahams, Aaron Harrison-Brown & Kathleen De Vere are the cartoonists who create Make with the Funny. Make with the Funny is a serial strip that follows the lives of four friends: Rex, Chippy, Zak, and Walker. Rex is an aspiring cartoonist who seeks to share his life with someone, but mostly ends up hanging out with the guys and playing video games or laser tag. He, like Zak has an active imagination, and both of them often end up dressing up and acting out movie or video game fantasies. Chippy is the naïve member of the group, a fact that often gets him being taken advantage of. Zak tends to be the impulsive one, when he feels the urge to say or do something; he usually follows through with it, regardless of the consequences. Zak often is a bundle of energy, enjoying active events like sports as well as the video games and rpgs that his friends like so much. Walker is the most cynical of the group, and often has a snide remark for people as they get on his nerves. Walker is also the self-proclaimed intellectual of the group, often being dragged into strange events by Zak and Rex, and having to solve their problems.


Fred Gallagher & Rodney Caston (Piro and Largo) are the cartoonists who create MegaTokyo. MegaTokyo is a serial comic strip that follows the lives of two friends, Piro and Largo. Piro and Largo were supposed to go to Japan on holiday, and be back within a week or so. This was not to be the case. Piro and Largo managed to waste all of their money and end up stranded in Japan. Piro, the only one who actually speaks Japanese, managed to get them a place to stay, with his friend Tsubasa. Unfortunately, after long overstaying their welcome and spending some money they managed to get from home, Tsubasa spent almost all of his money and left to go find the perfect girl. Thus leaving Piro and Largo homeless again, but this time with their new friend, Ping, who happens to be Sony Playstation 2 compatible!


Steve Troop is the cartoonist who creates Melonpool. Melonpool is a daily serial comic strip that follows the lives of a group of stranded aliens on Earth. The aliens are as follows: Mayberry Melonpool, the captain of their ship, the Steel Duck; Ralph Zinobop, a coffee-loving alien that happens to be a incredible engineer; Sam T. Dogg, a telepathic dog-like alien who is the navigator; Sammy the Hammy, a five foot, 220 pound talking hamster, who is also the Steel Duck's “engine”; Roberta Smeffinfeffer, the same species as Mayberry and is the ship's doctor; and Ralphie Zinobop, a good clone of Ralph. The crew of the Steel Duck is trying to get the Steel Duck operational so that they can end up going home, but that doesn't mean that this is their only problem. The aliens have to solve other problems ranging from evading human notice of their extraterrestrial backgrounds to earning enough money to buy parts for the ship.

Namir Deiter

Isabel Gonzalez-Marks is the cartoonist who creates Namir Deiter. Namir Deiter is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of four girls. Tipper, a white and light orange cat, the youngest of the four, she is used to “benefiting” from the other girls advice, if she wants it or not! Tipper struggles through high school trying to find the right person to fall in love with, but hasn't had any luck as of so far. Fortunately, she has her sister, Snickers to help with her problems. Snickers Namir, a purple cat, is the oldest of the Namir sisters, and is one of the most levelheaded and responsible people around. She usually gets flack for sticking to the rules and tendencies toward mothering her younger sister, but she surprised them all when she married her boyfriend, Twix. Twix, a white and orange spotted cat, is eccentric in that he takes his mannerisms and manners from an earlier age of wearing tails and a top hat. He ended up taking the Namir name (much to his surprise) and moved into the Namir home when Snickers and Tipper's mother left the country on an open-ended trip. This amuses Blue Deiter, a blond cat with blue hair, to no end, because she gladly verbally spars with Twix from time to time. Blue is a free spirit, enjoying the moment, and the company of boys, but without the commitment. This stems from having come from a broken home, and running off to live with the woman she believes is her older sister. Fortunately, she has friends like Joy Satu, a formerly pink rabbit (now white), to amuse herself with. Joy loves computers, but is a shy person, as she felt self-conscious about the fact her fur would turn white in the winter. She is growing to accept this fact, but she seems to meet with several setbacks ranging from her longtime boyfriend leaving her and her friend Mallory having betrayed her. At least the others can take comfort in that she is getting better.
Natch Evil
Mike Rojas is the cartoonist who creates Natch Evil. Natch Evil is a serial strop that follows the life of a serial killer named Saffron C. Sativus. Ever since Saffron was a little girl, she was never really quite right. She has always had an element of the supernatural about her, and her lack of connection to human beings makes her completely unable to feel for her victims. Rather, she enjoys the feelings of pleasure and lust that take over her mind when she tortures and kills, and like any addict, yearns for more. Saffron has been dubbed by the media as the serial killer Jack Splatter, due the way in which she gets into her work, and the resulting mess of a crime scene. Saffron was irritated with the way that the majority of the bodies that the police found were due to a copycat killer, and thus raised the awareness level of the community as well as the police presence. Despite the increased awareness, she typically maintains a cool and collected demeanor, and is careful not to leave any evidence at her crime scenes. Often her victims are never found, but she is always sure to send a reminder or two to the lead detective on the Jack Splatter case, Nero Goodwin, to taunt him and remind him of the partner that he lost on the case. Of course, Saffron is not a heartless monster, but just lacks any real method of showing affection in a non-violent way. Her current crush, Daniel Clay, lives in the apartment below her, and she savors every moment of watching him afar, waiting for the right time to come and make him hers. Saffron also can recognize it when people demonstrate aberrant behavior, as she becomes very confused when Sherry San Muerte wants Saffron to kill her and has no fear of torture or death, as this turns Saffron's bloodlust off. Saffron is always amused by other supposed "killers", as often they are people who are sloppy, but rarely she does find those killer of a caliber that gain her attention.


Thomas Dye is the cartoonist who creates Newshounds. Newshounds has anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) elements mixed in with human society in a weekday serial strip that follows the lives of the employees of the all-animal news station, KPET. KEPT and the animals are owned by Lorna Dilbrook and the operations are ultimately run by her. Despite that, the staff of KEPT keeps her on her toes, from problems such as mind control of the pet population, to her father trying to get money from her to pay off his gambling debts.


Darren "Gav" Bleuel is the cartoonist that creates Nukees. Nukees is a serial strip that follows the life of a Nuclear Engineering student (aka a Nukee) named Gav. Gav is your average ten-year grad student, who happens to live on campus in his office while he “works” on his thesis. In reality, he works on anything but his thesis, preferring to spend his time on his inventions. He prefers this arrangement since as a grad student, he has access to all of the labs on campus, and allows him to create things from a giant, nuclear-powered, robot ant, to a mechanized lawyer-bot of destruction, to even a sentient virtual pet gone power-mad.


Michael lalonde is the cartoonist who creates Orneryboy. Orneryboy is a serial strip that follows the lives of a unusual couple. Orneryboy is a moody guy who dresses like a goth, but spends a lot of his time hating random things that piss him off. He usually vents his anger verbally, but when some people prove to be a little thickheaded, more radical methods are brought to bear. This is because of his bleak outlook on life and humanity. Fortunately, he does have one shining spot in his life, his lover, Dirtygirl. Dirtygirl, much like the name implies, can be messy and disorganized, but she has a passionate love for life that can, at times, baffle Orneryboy. She defends life, all life, and as such is a strict vegetarian, going so far as to bury the bones that are left over from a chicken dinner that Orneryboy had. Recently, her beliefs have caused her to defend the life of Brian, a zombie that crawled his way out of the ground in her garden. Unlike most brain-eating zombies, Brian doesn't hurt Dirtygirl, but treats her with respect and love. Orneryboy at first protested the idea of a brain-eating corpse living in the basement, but he was no match for Dirtygirl's persuasive hold over him. Now the question remains, how long can Brian hold off from trying to eat his adoptive family?

Ozy And Millie

David Craig Simpson is the cartoonist who creates Ozy and Millie. Ozy and Millie is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of two best friends, an artic fox named Ozy and a fox named Millie. Ozy is introspective, submissive, and philosophical about life in general. This is probably because of his unusual family structure, having been adopted at an early age by a red dragon named Llewellyn, whom has been his father figure ever since. The differences between Ozy and Millie are like night and day, where Ozy is passive and serene, Millie is active and rambunctious. This tends to get Ozy dragged into various tangents that Millie finds herself on. Millie constantly questions the social order, and continues to operate outside of the norm, which is fine with Ozy, since his background firmly puts him there. It's obvious where Millie gets her streak of rambunctiousness when you look at what her mom used to be like before society started wearing her down, and the fact that her father is a pirate captain. Where Ozy and Millie tend to go against society's norms, some of their friends (or more at times, acquaintances) firmly stick with their places in the social order. Avery, a raccoon, is an advertisers dream, as he follows all of the constant ads and looks at famous figures for cues on what is cool. Stephan, an aardvark, became disillusioned with the crash of the dotcoms but still struggles to show that being a techno-savant will firmly establish his popularity and financial security. Felicia, a sheep, is a typical “popular” girl, taking her cues from pop-culture, fashion, and famous individuals, she travels with her clique around the school and makes fun of those on the outside of the class social order.

Pearls Before Swine

Stephan Pastis is the cartoonist who creates Pearls Before Swine. Pearls Before Swine is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), daily serial strip that follows the lives of two best friends: a rat named Rat and a pig named Pig. Rat is very enterprising, being ever on the look out for ways to get rich, meet women, and acquire fame. He feels himself as sort of an intellectual, but also feels that his plans and ideas are wasted on his friend Pig. Pig is pretty naïve, and a little slow witted, but he is quite happy with his current lot in life. Rat will get infuriated with Pig's little questions and his games with various people and objects, like his fruit club. So Rat tends to spend more and more time showing he is above those games and showing that he is better than Pig.
Penny Arcade
Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins are the cartoonists who create Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the lives of two friends, Johnathan Gabriel and Tycho Brahe. Gabe is heavily into video games, and is very competitive over playing the game itself and his extensive knowledge of video games. Gabe has difficulty in controlling his impulses and can suddenly display violent outbursts when he is deprived of his precious gaming. Tycho, on the other hand, is usually the levelheaded one, and tries to keep Gabe in check, if only for his own sanity. Of course, sometimes Gabe goes over the line, and Tycho displays some of his own repressed anger that lurks beneath the surface. Gabe married Kara, who due to Gabe's influence became a gamer as well, but not to the extent that Gabe takes things. Kara usually has to be the voice of reason and remain grounded in reality, lest Gabe spiral out of control. Tycho has been married to his wife Brenna for longer than Gabe has, but Brenna doesn't really get into the games at all. Brenna prefers to do more social interaction and hang out with Kara, than spend her whole day cooped up inside playing video games. Charles (or Chuck as Gabe and Tycho call him) is the self-proclaimed Macintosh guru, who Gabe and Tycho abhor due to his elitist attitude towards PC computers, and their love for PC gaming. Charles re-styled his wardrobe and outward personality when the Macintosh operating system upgraded to Mac OS X, and now sports a sleek new look, but with a more mature nature. At times Gabe and Tycho have problems with objects gaining sentience and becoming anthropomorphic (inanimate objects that are attributed human-like qualities), such as Div (an anthropomorphic DIVX player) or Fruit Fucker 2000 (an anthropomorphic juicer), which frequently enter their home without their knowledge.

Player Vs Player

Scott Kurtz is the cartoonist who creates PvP: Player vs Player. PvP is a daily serial comic strip that follows the lives of the staff of PvP magazine. The PvP staff is as follows: Cole Richards, the owner and administrative head of PvP; Brent Sienna PvP's creative director; Jade Fontaine, a staff writer who writes about women's point of view toward the video game industry; Francis Ottoman, a staff writer who knows all there is to know about gaming; Robbie and Jase, two “sports writers” who critique sports games, but end up doing more playing than working; and finally, a large blue troll named Skull who has become PvP's unofficial mascot. PvP deals with topics from the gaming industry to relationships by using intellectual humor mixed in with slapstick.
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