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DragonBall Z is a japanese cartoon otherwise known as anime. DragonBall Z is the sequel to DragonBall. DragonBall Followed the life of a young boy named Goku. Goku had amazing powers and a tail. The quest in DragonBall was to find the 7 hidden dragonballs scattered across the planet. They want to find these for one reason. When you collect the 7 dragonball's the eternal dragon will emerge and give you one wish.

After DragonBall was over, then came DragonBall Z. Goku was now grown up and married to his wife chi-chi. And they have a son named Gohan. DragonBall Z starts when Goku's Brother Radditz shows up on earth. Goku learns he is not from earth. (that would explain the tail) Goku is acctually from the planet Vegeta. The people on Vegeta are called Saiyens. Goku was sent to earth as a young boy so he could kill all life on earth. Goku had an accident and nailed his head. That made him more calm and less blood thirsty. So the rest of DragonBall Z goes on and Goku uncovers more and more of his Saiyen powers. He fights Evil on earth and other planets. But not alone he has many freinds who help along the way. (see Saga Discriptions for more info)

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