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Vegeta Saga

The Vegeta Saga starts off where the Radditz saga left off. The earth's special forces are training for the arrival of the Saiyans. Piccolo has taken Gohan for a training partner and the others have begun training under Kami. Goku is in the next dimension, Kami wants to send Goku to a special place to train at the end of Snake-Way. Snake Way is a long road that looks like a snake. At the end of this road is a small planet, on this planet the Martial Arts Master King Kai lives. Kami wants Goku to train under King Kai. So Goku sets out on Snake way. It takes him a long time to get to King Kai's. Meanwhile Piccolo is training Gohan to control his power. Gohan is making great progress, as is the rest of the Earth's Special Forces. The Earth's Special Force is made up of Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, and Chaozu. When Goku reaches King Kia's he finds out that this small planet is very special and has 10 times the gavity of earth. Goku has trouble even standing up. Goku's first task is to catch Bubbles, Bubbles is a small ape owned by King Kai. Bubbles is used to the gravity and has no trouble running around. Goku eventually catches bubbles. Goku's second task is too hit a small cricket named Gregory with a hammer. This takes less time then catching Bubbles. Then Goku trains under King Kai himself and learns two new techniques, the spirit bomb, and KaioKen. It is almost time for the Saiyens to arrive and Goku is late. Goku still has to go back on snake way. With Gokus new speed it will only take a fraction of the time it did going to King Kia's. While Goku is heading back, the Saiyens, Vegeta and Nappa arrive on earth. The earth's special forces gather and the Saiyens soon follow. The first thing that happens is Nappa pulls out some seeds and plants them in the ground. From the ground 6 small green warriors grow. These green men are called Saibamen. Earth's special forces and the saiyen decide to hold a tournament one on one. First up is Yamcha and a saibamen. Yamcha wins but at the last sencong the Saibamen latches on yamcha and explodes killing both of them. Krilling enrages powers up a huge blast that splits killing all the Saibamen but one. This last one attacks Gohan but Piccolo grabs its arm and takes it out. Next Nappa attacks, Nappa is very strong and overwhelms the earth's special forces. Choazu sacrafices himself thinking the explosion would kill Nappa but it does not. Tien dies with one final blast that Nappa blocks at the last second. Gohan becomes enraged and decks Nappa. Nappa shoots a blast at Gohan but Piccolo jumps in front of it killing Piccolo. Finally Goku arrives but only Gohan and Krillin are left. Goku takes out Nappa knocking him untill Nappa is almost finished. Vegeta finishe's his own Partner. Next Goku and Vegeta fight. Vegeta seems to be winning until Goku does a KiaohKen x 3 and beats Vegeta senseless. Vegeta becomes enraged and charges up his Gamit gun technique that can destroy the whole planet. Goku counters with his own KamehaMeha combined with KiaohKen x 3. The blasts are evenly matched until Goku goes KiaoKen x 4. Vegeta gets nailed by the blast, after he pulls out of the blast he flys back down to Goku. He then transforms into a Giant Ape(Ooharazu) with the help of artificial moonlight. Vegeta over powers Goku in this form until Vegeta's Tail is cut off and he goes back to normal. During the fight Goku charged up his spirit bomb by blinding Vegeta for a short time. Gohan takes on Vegeta doing damn good against him. While this is happening Goku gives Krillin a small part of the spirit bomb. Krillin throws it at Vegeta and misses, Gohan rebounds it and it hits Vegeta. Krillin, Gohan, and Goku all think Vegeta is dead. He is not and comes down and fights with the small amount of energy he has left. Vegeta notices that Gohan some how got his tail back, but it is to late Gohan goes Ooharazu. Vegeta is over powered by the uncontrollable Gohan. Vegeta cuts of Gohan's tail but Gohan ape form falls on Vegeta while Gohan was shrinking back to normal. Vegeta then calls on his ship, Krillin is about to kill Vegeta with a sword but Goku tells him to let Vegeta go. Vegeta flys off in his ship, ending the Vegeta Saga.

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