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Saiyen Stages

Saiyen-jin --
This is what a saiyen is in normal form. All saiyens are born and have dark black hair. They are a powerful in this stage but not nearly as powerful as in later stages. There power level is determined on how hard they train. Very powerful non-supersaiyen-jins can reach powerlevels over a million. As was the case with Vegeta.

Ooharzu (giant ape) --
All saiyens with tails can reach this stage. If a saiyen looks at a full moon he will go Ooharzu or turn into a giant ape. A saiyen is very powerful in this stage, a saiyen in Ooharzu has a power level 10 times what they had in normal form. Ooharzu can be reached other ways then looking at the moon. It seems that the light from the full moon makes them go Ooharzu. The saiyens have developed a technique in which a saiyen makes an energy ball, this energy ball mocks the light coming from a full moon, thus making the saiyen go Ooharzu.

Super Saiyen-jin --
To go super saiyen obviously you need to be saiyen. This level of saiyen is reached through anger. Not all saiyens can do this though, they must first be at a certain power level. Then after they reach this power level something may trigger the transformation into super saiyen. In Goku’s situation it was the death of his best friend Krillin that made him go super saiyen. Goku was first saiyen to go super saiyen, besides the saiyen in the myth. In super saiyen a saiyen’s hair sticks straight up, his eyes turn green and hair turns yellow.

Super Saiyen-jin 2 --
This stage is achieved by pushing a super saiyen to his limit. Once a super saiyen has trained hard enough or fought enough he will go super saiyen 2. To go super saiyen 2 you must have achieves the level of super saiyen first. Super saiyen 2 is just a more powerful version of super saiyen. There is only small changes besides power level, in super saiyen 2 the golden hair is a bit longer. Also once in a while a small bolt of electricity will travel through the saiyen hair. The first person to achieve super saiyen 2 was Gohan after witnessing the death of Android #16.

Super Saiyen-jin 3 --
This is the next level up in super saiyen form. It is a more powerful form then super saiyen 2. A saiyen can only hold this stage for some time. This form uses mass amounts of energy very quickly, but by the time a super saiyen-jin 3 runs out of energy the enemy is usually to weak to fight anyway. There is some major physical changes in super saiyen 3. The saiyens hair grows extremely long (remember Radditz ). The saiyen’s eyebrows disappear, and the saiyen’s face changes to a much fiercer look. Also bolts of electricity travel through the hair frequently. Goku is the first saiyen to reach super saiyen level 3.

Super Saiyen-jin 4 --
Another form of super saiyen. This is the greatest form we see in Dragonball. There may be more super saiyen stages but we will never know. Goku is the first saiyen to reach this form. The only other saiyen to reach this stage is Vegeta. Vegeta cheats with a device Bulma makes. Goku is the only saiyen to reach this for naturally. This is an extremely powerful stage and is also extremely hard to reach. You have to reach super saiyen first, then this form is open. It is hard to reach this form and a saiyen must be ultra powerful to reach it. A saiyens physical look totally changes in this form. Vegeta and Goku almost look exactly alike except for height. A saiyen in this form does not have golden hair. They get black hair that sticks up. Red fur covers the saiyens entire body and they grow back their tail.

Golden Ooharzu --
This is the most powerful form that a saiyen-jin can reach. To give a short description of this form it is Ooharzu super saiyen. The saiyen still changes into a giant ape but has short golden hair and some golden fur. The only two people to reach this stage are Bebi-Vegeta and Goku in Dragonball GT.

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