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Radditz Saga

This saga is the first saga in Dragonball Z. It starts off with Goku by his house collecting wood for chi-chi. Soon after this sceen, somewhere on the planet a space pod arrives. (Its a saiyen spaceship) Someone emerges out of the ship. It looks like Goku, but with more mucles and long hair. A frightened farmer slowly walks toward the ship with shotgun in hand. The Alien from the ship uses a device called a scouter (it checks power levels) and aims it at the farmer. The alien comments on the farmer being week with a power level of only 5. The alien scares the farmer, the farmer shoots his gun at the alien. The alien catches the bullet and flings it back killing the farmer. Then the alien picks up a fairly large power level, believing it is Goku he flys toward the powerlevel. It is not Goku, but Piccolo. The alien says hes looking for Goku. Piccolo badmouths and then shoots two beams at the alien. The alien is unharmed and laughs. He goes to destroy Piccolo but picks up a new power level. It is Goku's and he flys toward it. Goku is headed toward Master Roshi's house, with his son Gohan. They arrive at Master Roshi's and shortly after the alien also arrives. The alien explains he is from the Planet Vegeta, a saiyen, and his name is Radditz. The shocking news is that Radditz is Goku's older brother. Radditz explains Goku was sent to earth to destroy all the life on earth. Radditz came to earth to see why Goku had not done his job. Radditz also calls Goku, Kakarott (thats goku's saiyen name.). Radditz then takes Gohan. Radditz says if Goku does not kill 100 earthlings in 24 hours he will never see his son again. Goku with his kind heart would never do such a thing. Piccolo then shows up at Master Roshi's. Goku is very unhappy to see Piccolo, and tells Piccolo he can not fight with him now. But Piccolo does not want to fight, he wants to team up with Goku. Goku agrees and they fly off to fight Radditz. Radditz brought Gohan back to his ship. Radditz is eating and Gohan is crying. Radditz is sick of the crying so he stuffs Gohan in his ship. While Radditz is eating a power level shows up on his scouter at 710. Radditz is supirised and looks for where it is coming from. The scouter says it is coming from Gohan, Radditz says his scouter is broken and that would be impossible. Then Goku shows up on his scouter. Radditz comments on how dumb the scouter is and Goku has no idea where he is. Then Goku and Piccolo show up. Radditz becomes a bit fearful, that if the scouter wasent broken how did the small child have such a large power level. Goku demands his son back. Radditz laughs and the fight starts. Radditz kicks both Piccolo's butt and Goku's. Piccolo and Goku have a plan. Piccolo had been training and made up a new technique. It will take time to charge but Piccolo thinks it will kill Radditz. Goku then fight Radditz by himself. Piccolo charges up his beam, after it is complete he shoots it. Radditz dodges the beam, Piccolo becomes very scared commenting on how Radditz is faster then light. Radditz is about to kill Piccolo when Goku grabs Raddit's tail. Radditz goes down in pain. Radditz promises he will leave if Goku lets go. Piccolo screams at Goku saying its a trick. Goku lets go of the tail and Radditz nails Goku, he then starts to stomp on Goku's chest weakening him with every blow. Gohan hears his father getting hurt and becomes enraged. Gohan blows up Radditz's ship and then hits Radditz in the stomach with his head. With Radditz hurt Goku get behind him and hold Radditz in a lock. Piccolo then chrages up his beam one more time. Goku tells Piccolo to shoot the beam, Piccolo tells Goku it will kill both of them. Radditz and Goku are shot through with the beam and both die. Piccolo talks to the dying Radditz mocking him and commenting on Dragonballs and that Goku will be back. Radditz laughs at Piccolo and tell piccolo his scouter is also a Communicator. Radditz says two more Saiyen will be arriving on earth in one year. He says they are both much stronger then he is. Piccolo then takes Gohan off to train thus ending the Radditz Saga.

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