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Welcome to the ISDBZ!

The ISDBZ is the world's least known DBZ depository. Here I have compiled some of the very worst, and mostly stupid, DragonBall Z information, little known things, or just thoughts I pluck from this noggin of mine. It will be updated periodically, since there is just so much to do on this site of ours. But rest assured, that the ISDBZ will be here through it all, and then some. Like styrofoam, this thing will never go away. Unless I was shot into the sun by an extremely large catapult....but we'll hope for the best.

The ISDBZ Staff

Mr. T - founder, writer, contributing journalist, and evil genius on the side. Head of the Impracticality Dept.

ISDBZ's Current Projects

The Namekian Freedom Concert! Nov. 6 - Nov. 17 Come one, come all to the greatest show not on Earth! Okay, so maybe that was a rip-off of Ringling Bros. Circus, but who cares? This event is to raise money to buy the freedom for all those poor oppressed Nameks. These green freaks endure severe playing card shortages, droughts of iced tea, and you know how you take your winter's supply of olive loaf for granted? Well, I've seen children sold into slavery for just one pack of the salty, spicy meat. There will be an 11 day festival (because Namek has a shorter year than us) with bands, clowns, and assorted candy vendors. Bands scheduled to play are:

The Tree Huggers: Yes, it is true. Turless and his band (HA! Get it?) of merry men are making a rare appearance outside of the Earth. Their hits include, "I was a renegade planet stealing low-life, so why don't you want to have intercourse with me baby?" and "You tried to kill my tree, so I tried to kill your son."

Goin' Banannas!: Bubbles and Oozaru Gohan are the simian equivalent of Sonny and Cher. With such songs as: "My dad's the strongest fighter in the universe, but only if you can catch me." and "10 times your...." it's bound to be a great show.

The Green Team: Kami, Piccolo, Nail, and Guru have formed their own rap group from south central. Piccolo is known for his busting rhymes, and Kami is the bomb-diggi-tay on his triple turntables. Guru powers this whole thing, and Nail just trys to keep Guru alive, but Guru has been known to get his share of songs in there. His number 3 hit, "I made the best Dragon.....NAIL!!!! MY PILLS!!!!!" and who can ever forget Piccolo's chart-topper, "I had a rough childhood, but I'll still take it out on you."

Veggie and Goku: Donnie and Marie had better watch their backs while these two rule the lounge circut. Goku with his innocent boyhood charm, and Veggie with his tough guy exterior, you couldnt get a better Ying-Yang symbolism. With Goku's upbeat dance hit, "Was I brainwashed?" and Veggie's powerful ballad, "I may be the Prince of all Saiyans, but I'm still not loved by my postman."

And finally:......

Who'z Human?: Made up of Androids 16, 17, 19, and 20 (18 went solo, she thought it was too commercial) this is the supreme boy-band of the DBZ Universe. They make girls of all ages swoon. With songs like, "I may be machine, but baby I've got lots of love to give." and "I never get tired. :)" what's not to love?

For more information about the ISDBZ, or on joing the ISDBZ as a researcher, please contact
Mr. T. All financial contributions are cheerfully accepted.

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