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Fusion Info

Fusion Dance - This dance was taught to Goku when he was training in the next dimension, between the Cell saga and the Majin buu saga. The dance is performed by two people so that they can fuse into one. The two people must be somewhat the same build and power level. The dance must be exact or the fusion will come out wrong. One example of this was when Goku and Vegeta were fusing. Vegeta stuck his thumb up and he was not supposed to. This made the fusion dance wrong and they turned into Fat Gogeta. A fusion by the means of the fusion dance will last for 30 minutes. After the two people defuse they can not fuse again for another hour.

Porterra Fusion - This is a fusion with the help of the Porterra earings. One person put on an earing and so does the other person. This will make the two people (usally Vegeta and Goku) fuse. The fusion is supposed to be permenent. For some reason when Vegetto entered Buu Vegeta and Goku broke up again. This fusion also makes a more powerful being.

Fuses -
Vegeta + Goku (dance) = Gogeta
Vegeta + Goku (Porterra) = Vegetto
Trunks + Goten = Gotenks
Piccolo + Kami = Kamicollo

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