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Freiza Saga

This is the third saga, in Dragonball Z. It starts out with the end of the Vegeta Saga. After Vegeta takes off into space, Master Roshi, Bulma, Korin, and Yajerobie arrive in a flying vehicle. Goku has a pretty weird talk with King Kai, about Piccolo and Kami's home-planet of Namek. It is here, that they decide that the best course of action for wishing back Kami and Piccolo, is to go to Namek, and collect those Dragonballs. After some deliberation, the conversation is over, and Krillin, Gohan, and Goku are all admitted to a hospital. Gohan and Krillin recieve band-aids compared to what they put Goku in. Bulma races in to tell everyone she knows how to work the controls of Nappa's spacepod. She succeeds in blowing the thing up, and they think all is lost. Then Mr. Popo arrives on his magic rug, to tell everyone about another spaceship. This is the one that Kami came to Earth in as a small Namekian child. Bulma learns the basic controls of the ship, and she Gohan, and Krillin take off towards Namek. While on their pretty lame journey, they run across a band of people who mistake them as members of Freiza's gang. After that misunderstanding, the ship falls to some, rather bad disasters. Fires, crumbling ceilings, you know, the usual. Gohan, and everyone's favorite bald-guy, Krillin, save their life, and all that righteous stuff, then they are let go, and resume their course to Namek. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Goku is making a rather quick recovery, and decides he can start to train again. He powers up, and bores his way into a very large rock. He succeeds in almost killing himelf, and is re-admitted to the hospital. Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin crash land on a planet, and assume it is Namek. They meet up with two guys who resemble Piccolo, and Kami. So, they talk to them, and they turn on their radar, and see that the dragonballs aren't too far away. They suceed in finding a few of them, and then something happens. They realize that they were never on Namek. They were on a deserted planet, and their minds were being manipulated by two aliens who utilized telepathic abilities. After almost being killed, Gohan, and Krillen bust out of their predicament, and go on to just completely wail on those poor two guys. They take off, and head in the direction of the REAL planet Namek. During this time, Vegeta lands on Freiza's planet, and is rushed to a regeneration tank. Here, he is brought back from the brink of death, and his power has grown as a result. He takes a new scouter, and learns that Freiza has already left for the planet Namek. He rushes out of the building, and takes off after him. When Gohan and the others land on Namek, they can sense some really high powers. They are really trying to keep any power of their's from getting noticed, so they don't even fly. Two of Frieza's henchmen find Gohan and Krillin. They decide to use their ship as a target for practice. They make the ship useless, and then proceed to check out Gohan and Krillin. So, Gohan and Krillin do the only thing they know how to. Power up in the most dramatic way possible. Then they kick their butts, and force thier power down again. This doesn't go unnoticed. The powers catch the scouter of Zarbon. He seems to be a little shooken up about those two powers, but turns his attention to the Namekian village they are about to take over. By this time, Freiza has three of the seven dragonballs. So, Freiza sends his henchmen to get the fourth ball. But, these Nameks put on a good show, and Zarbon is forced to intervien. He proves to be WAY too much for any number of Nameks to handle, and kicks their butts without even messing his hair. Then, Gohan and Krillin crawl up this hill, and spy Dodoria toying with a few Namekian children. Gohan gets so mad that he yells, charges, gives Dodoria a really good shot, grabs a kid, and runs. Dodoria gets pissed, and chases after him. They are followed for quite some time, until Krillin sends Gohan ahead, and uses a solar flare attack on Dodoria. They then land, and suppress their power. Dodoria gets mad, yells, and leaves. Gohan and Krillin head off twords Bulma and her handy little Capsule Corp. hut. On Earth, Goku gets a bag of senzu beans from Korrin, eats one, and flys off twords Dr. Breifs. There is a Capsule Corp. spaceship waiting to blast off to whatever destination that awaits. Goku blasts off twords Namek, and all is good. When Gohan and Krillin arrive at Bulma's campsite, she informs them that Goku will be arriving in six days. Everyone is exstatic about this news, and they all sit down to eat. The little Namek isn't touching his food, and Krillin asks why. The kid tells them that his name is Dende, and he doesn't need to eat, all he needs is water. He tells them that all Nameks are hatched from eggs created by adults. There are no females in the Namek race, and Dende tells them of Guru. The eldest Namek. Krillin takes Dende, and together they fly off to see Guru. Vegeta runs into Dodoria, and talks with him awhile. He reveals that he doesn't need the scouter, because he learned how to sense power levels while on Earth. He has also learned how to hide his power level, and powers up for Dodoria, and then kills him. What a waste of pink skin. After arriving at Guru, Dende, and Krillin are greeted by Nail, Guru's guard. Krillin is allowed to meet with Guru, and does. Guru reads Krillin's mind, and sees that he is pure in heart. He gives him his one-star dragonball, and then proceeds to awaken power hidden in Krillin. Krillin is so excited, and sees this as a chance to get Gohan's hidden power to surface, so he can use it. He thanks Guru, and says he'll return, and flys back to get Gohan. Meanwhile, Gohan takes the radar, and sees a dragonball that Vegeta dumped in a lake. Which happened a little before when Vegeta destroyed a Namek village to secure himself a DragonBall. Anywho, Vegeta sees Gohan, stops him, and knees him in the chest. This sends Gohan reeling, but it does this for only a minute. So, Gohan get his DragonBall, and heads back twords Bulma. He gives his ball to Bulma, and then Krillin shows up. He and Gohan start to fly off twords Guru. Vegeta was following Gohan, and Zarbon had spotted him, and was following him. Vegeta arrives first, and stops Gohan and Krillin. Just then Zarbon flys in, and challenges Vegeta. Vegeta makes a comment about Zarbon not being able to beat him without transforming, so Zarbon does. In all of this, Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma run away. They drop Bulma off with one of the DragonBalls, and they fly off twords Guru. Zarbon gets his butt kicked, and is easily beaten. Vegeta senses Gohan and Krillin, and follows them. When they arrive at Guru's, Gohan runs in, and gets powered up. Nail and Krillin meet Vegeta at Guru's, and Gohan joins them. The Ginyu Force lands on Namek just then, and Vegeta says they have no time, and must team up. Nail stays behind, and guards Guru. The others fly off to meet Bulma, and get the rest of the DragonBalls. When they arrive at Vegeta's site, the Ginyu Force flys in, and Capt. Ginyu takes the balls away to Freiza. The remainder of the force, (Guldo, Rikum, Jeice, and Bataa) play rock, paper, scissors to see who takes who. Guldo wins, and takes on Gohan and Krillin. They power up, and suprise the Ginyu Force at how strong they are. They don't land any attacks on Guldo, because of his ability to freeze time. His power runs out, and he is forced to hide for awhile. He recharges enough power to paralyze Gohan and Krillin in mid-air. He deals out some damage, and is just about to kill them off, when Vegeta attacks him, and decapates him. then, he blows his body into infinty. This leaves three on three, but Rikum is next in line. Vegeta decides to go against Rikum, one on one. He powers WAY up, (which I might add, is one of my favorite voice-over screams, thanks to Brian Drummond. God bless you.) and goes all out on him. It looks as though Vegeta has beaten him in one attack, but Rikum is far from done. He beats on Vegeta, and beats on him, and almost kills him. But Vegeta is saved by Gohan and Krillin. Vegeta sits out, and Gohan and Krillin go at Rikum. Rikum kicks Krillin to the head, and he is down for the count. (Not dead, just paralyzed. Stupid weak Krillin.) So, this leaves Gohan. He gets in some really nice shots, but in the end, Rikum is just too experienced for the young fighter. Just then, (in dramatic DBZ fashion,) Goku lands, and takes a look around. He senses Freiza, Ginyu, and then Gohan. Almost down to zero. So he gets over there real fast, and gives everyone senzu. He then talks to Gohan, and reads Krillin's mind. This catches him up to speed, and he then challenges Rikum. He toys around, (well, for him he does) and then lands one elbow to the chest when Rikum was doing an incredibly fast attack. This puts him down, and Jeice and Bataa challenge Goku. They prove to be too weak, and soon Bataa falls. Jeice runs away, and Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin talk. Vegeta thinks Goku is a Super Saiyain, but he is not. Vegeta takes Krillin and Gohan to Freiza's spaceship, and gives them new armor. Jeice returns to Goku with Ginyu, and battle ensues. Ginyu gets Goku to power up to maximum, and then changes bodies with him. (cheap guy) Goku is left with an injured body, and Ginyu flys off with Jeice. Everyone meets at Freiza's spaceship, and once again, battle ensues. At first it's Gohan and Krillin vs. Ginyu, and Vegeta vs. Jeice, with Goku on the sidelines. Jeice is beaten by Vegeta, who thinks he is a Super Saiyian. Gohan and Krillin beat Ginyu, who attempts to change with Vegeta, but Goku flys in the way of the beam. Then Vegeta vs. Ginyu, and Ginyu attempts to change again. This time Goku throws a frog in the beam, and all is right. Vegeta puts Goku in a regeneration tank, and sits down for a rest. Gohan and Krillin find the balls, and meet with Dende. He has learned the password for the balls, and activates them. The first wish is to bring Piccolo back to life, then the second is to teleport him to Namek. Just then, Vegeta wakes up, and tells Dende to wish for eternal life for himself (Vegeta that is) so he can beat Freiza. Guru dies before the wish can be granted, and the DragonBalls turn to stones. Frieza shows up, and Vegeta fights him. It is a stalemate, and Frieza is forced to transform. He does, and he has the upper hand. Gohan uses a Masenko, and almost beats Frieza. Krillin is speared through the chest, but is brought back to life by Dende. Then Piccolo shows up, (after merging w/ Nail) and fights Frieza. This forces Frieza to transform once again. Frieza has the way upper-hand, but transforms anyways. In his final form, he kills Dende, and is about to kill Vegeta when Goku is fully healed. Goku then races to the scene, and challenges Frieza. Frieza then kills Vegeta because he is talking so much. Goku and Frieza go at it, and it appears to be equal for awhile. They fight and fight and fight, but then Frieza uses more of his power, (he was only using about 33.3% of his power) and gains the upper hand. Goku is beaten bda, but has a plan. He forms a huge Spirit Bomb overhead, while Piccolo distracts Frieza. When it is done, Goku launches it at Frieza, almost killing him. There is a brief moment of rejoycing, but it is soon over when Frieza shows up out of no where. He kills Krillin, and injures Piccolo pretty bad, when Goku goes Super Saiyian over the loss of Krillin. He talks for awhile, and then they fight. Goku tells Gohan to leave. Then the battle starts up again. It is pretty one sided, until Goku waits for Frieza to power up to maximum. Gohan is about to blast off w/ Bulma and Piccolo, but he turns back because he thinks something is wrong. Goku is blasted into Namek's core, and Gohan shows up to fight Frieza, in hopes of waiting for the planet to explode with Frieza still on it. Goku reappears, and a wish is made on Earth for all those killed by Frieza and his gang to be brought back to life. This brings Guru back to life, and the DragonBalls with him. One wish remains, and it is made so Goku and Frieza are the only ones left on Namek. They fight, and Frieza is sliced in half by his own attack. Goku gives Friez some of his ki, but Frieza uses it to attack Goku. Goku then kills him, and looks for a spaceship. He trys to use Frieza's, but it is broken, and Namek explodes while Goku is alone, and screaming.........

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