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Site Admin

Hmmm places you can contact me. Well my email is below this text block. And if you play any games on and are to lazy to write me a email then my zone name is _12thVegetto. Im usally logged on to the zone in the evening to late. If anyone plays Tiberian sun then sometimes you can find me in there under vegetto3k. I just dont want a few things. Like complaints about my site. It just started and im working on it. If it is important then email me about it. If you would like your site in my links section please email me. (your site must be dragonball related). Anything that isent really important like comments and suggestions then please post it in the forum. Thanks!


MSNIM = Vegeance ICQ = 104859997

Mr. T

Or, you can contact me, Mr. T. No, I don't play any games over the internet, because frankly, my computer sucks the big one. I do have e-mail, and AOL Instant Messenger. You can e-mail me or IM me, but please, don't complain to me, like saying, "oh you guys suck at making websites, and you don't know jack about dbz." Fact is I just might know more than the next guy, but I still don't know everything. If I get something wrong, and you would KINDLY like to correct me you can e-mail me. I rarely check it, but I'm gonna start doing it more often. Or IM me. I'm usually on about 5 or so during the days, or about 8-10 on weekends. Sometimes later. So, I appreciate you viewing our site, and please, don't ask me my name. Although I could give you Veg's.......


AOLIM: lordchimp4

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