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Attack List

Bakuhatsuha - Used mainly by Nappa. Raising two fingers a huge blast is made destroying everything in the surrounding area.

Big Bang Attack - A very powerful attack. The person holds one if his palms flat forward. Thus launching the attack. No support from the other hand is used.

Body Bind - Used only by Guldo. A cloud or web forms in the area the attacker targets. Everything in this web is frozen at the mercy of the attacker.

Body Change - Only used by Captain Ginyu. Ginyu spreads out his arms and legs and yells "change now!" The target of this attack is frozen in place. A yellow beam of light comes from Ginyu's mouth and enters the targets mouth. This changes the the two people's minds into each others body's.

Bukujutsu - The ability to fly wiht ones Ki. A person must be at a certain power before this ability is open.

Energy Kyushu - Used by the Androids. Small holes in the palms of the persons hand enables them to absorb energy from Ki blasts or from peoples bodies.

Eraser Cannon - Used by Rekoom. Shoots a large blast from the mouth making a huge blast when it hits something.

Final Flash - Used by Vegeta. The blast is formed in front of the chest, then projected at the intended target.

Final Kamehameha - Used by Vegetto or Gogeta. This is a combination of Vegeta's Final Flash and Goku's Kamehameha.

Genki Dama - Also known as the Spirit Bomb. A ball of energy created by all living things. This technique takes a small amount of energy from living things around the universe or planet, combining all the energy into one giant ball of energy.

Kaioh-Ken - This is an attack used by Goku and taught by King Kia. Its basically a boost of power for a short period of time. This technique can be used in different increments for a greater effect.

Kamehameha - First used by Master Roshi. The person cups his hands on his left or right side saying the words Ka-me-ha-me and then putting both palms forward saying Ha! Thus shooting a large blast of energy.

Kienzan - Also known as the destructo disc. Used mainly by Krillin, a disc like Ki blast that can cut through anything. The Kienzan is very slow moving making it easy to dodge.

Makankosappo - Used by Piccolo to kill Radditz. This attack is actually 2 beams. One swirls around while the other goes straight. Average attack in power but can penatrate almost anything.

Renzoku Energy Dan - The attacker shoots small Ki blasts very fast. Kind of like shooting a machine gun, but with Energy. This attack is used many times in DragonballZ/GT.

Taiyoken - Also known as Solar Flare. More of an escape technique then an attack. The person puts both hands in front of his face and yells Taiyoken. A flash of light blinds all who look into the light.

Zanzoken - The person moves so fast that an after image is mad. Thus giving the user an advantage of suprise when the defender punches or blocks an image.

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