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Aeris's Living Dream

Remembering nothing of his past, he awoke in the company of the beautiful Aeris Kyoki. She took him under her wing to teach him of his new surroundings. Not knowing his own name, Aeris gave him one.

"I will call you Yume...Kiryuu, Yume" she says quite pleased with herself.
"What does that mean?" this mysterious man asks her.
"It means Living Dream, because that's what you are to me."

Hopefully with Yume's new life with Aeris, he can lead a happy one. The only mark left from his past life are the scars that litter his back from a whip and a fighting instinct that arises within him.

Name: Kiryuu (surname) Yume
Age: appears to be 25
Race: 5th Gen Kai Dauchi Demon, sired by Aeris Kyoki (LadyAeris9)
Marital Status: Engaged to Aeris Kyoki>
Height: 5'8''
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Violet
Description: Not overly strong, but fit and in shape. While in Aeris's Kyoto styled Gardens, he wears a practice Kendo uniform. The top is a dark blue and the pants a smoky grey. When out in town, he wears a metalic silver shirt, with black dress slacks, black dress shoes, black leather coat (ends at about his knees) and black gloves.