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This is my best friend Brian Pollock. He's been around for me since I was like in the seventh grade and after everything we've been through he's always been there for me no questions asked. I hope he knows how much I love him and I always want him there in my life.

This is Mark Acero from Cali. Isn't he the cutest?

This is my buddy Rusty! I met him at Katsucon in Feburary. He's one of the coolest "eggs" I've met *^_^*

This is Jake Sim from Rotterdam. He's really awesome and a fun guy to hang with

These are Henry and Kevin from NYC. Aren't they soooooooooooo cute?

This was my first room mate Heather when I was at SUNY Fredonia. She decided she wanted to try on my kimono cause she wanted to know more about what interested me, and she asked for a friend to take our picture, so here it is!

This is Noriko and Etsuko from Japan. I love them both and I miss them a lot -.-