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~*Who's Who In ZFCI*~

~*Lisa Hughes*~
When I get totally bored I go on-line and **** around and bug the hell out of my friends with stupid @$$ chain letters. Otherwise when my cousin Brian is in Cali I bug the hell out of him. And in my free time I like to go Cosmic Bowling and talk to the guys there.(BRANDON) I'm 'bout 5'5" with kinda blonde hair and blue eyes. I like guys that can skate or surf. My favorite skater is Chad Muska a.k.a "The Ghetto Child" and I just like the beach. My favorite types of candy are Gobstoppers and Resse's Peices. And my favorite types of gum are Fruit-A-Burst (which is now on the shelves. Don't ask me why.), Juicy-Fruit, and Finally Ice Breakers (blue). While I'm at school I harass Eric and Paul and they harass me. I tell my Algebra teacher to go **** himself and then at lunch I eat crazy bread.

~*Cynthia Hall*~
Konnichi Wa! I am the one-and-only Cindy-sama, and the Webmaster of ZFCI. I type out most of the files you see here. I spend most of my time maintaining all of our web sites, especially my own. I created ZFCI, and spread word about it over the 'Net. It may not be the most popular site out there, but we're happy with it. I love everything Anime oriented (except Hentai--that's just sick), and am refered to as the Megami no Anime by my friends. I am nearly sixteen, have brown hair w/blonde highlights, hazel eyes, 5'6", 127 lbs... hey, this is getting personal...sounds like a cheap dating advert... My fave color is blue. I am on the cheerleading squad at my high school (I'm a flyer- the person that goes on top of the lifts, but I'm strong enough to go anywhere). When I'm not online, I am either playing or wishing I was playing FF7. Go figure.

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