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Top Ten

This is a typical psychotic rambling of our everyday lives. Most of these things we have learned form experience. Learn from our mistakes. Please, learn from them. (Yeah, right...)

The Top Ten Things to Do When On A Caffine High:
10. Talk to yourself. You can learn from your ramblings.
9. Take a walk. You will be amazed at how many people will pay attention to you.
8. Go on a shopping spree at your local Quik-E-Mart. Be sure to stock up on sodas for when the high wears off.
7. Raid the munchie drawer. Just trust me on that one.
6. Phone a friend. This may be the one usefull thing you can learn from Regis.
5. Watch TV. TV is our friend. Our friend is TV. Spend quality time with your friend every day.
4. Stare at the ceiling. (Lisa has just informed me that this is fun). Look at the funny shapes tat float by. It's better than that stupid sky...
3. Try to make something. I meant it when I said "Try". No matter what you do, it won't turn out right in other peoples' eyes, even though it looks perfect to you. If you can't convince them that they're wrong, give 'em some caffine, too.
2. Eat chocolate. Nothing is better than an overdose of the last two unclassified legal drugs combined. Oh, yeah.
And the number one thing to do when on a caffine high:
Take a nap. Do I really need to explain this one for you? If so, too bad.

The Top Ten Things Not to Do When On A Caffine High:
10. Play with your cat. They won't pay any attention to you during your time of "need". You're better off playing with the dog. Or a piece of string.
9. Run. When in this situation, running is a bad idea. Adrenalin levels are soaring, so you will soon find yourself in a different county, and I do mean county.
8. Work. If you have a job, don't go to work, that is, unless you are a trucker. Truckers work best when awake, so caffine is a good thing for them.
7. Write a letter. You won't be able to keep things straight. I've been there before.
6. Talk to members of the opposite sex. They will think you're nuts.
5. Talk to relatives. Persist, and they will disown you. Or they will think you're on drugs. (But you are on drugs--caffine is addictive...)
4. Play Video Games. If you do so, you will lose. This is a warning.
3. Draw. It gives new meaning to "Abstract Art". That is, if you want to call what you draw on a caffine high 'art'...
2. Go to chat rooms. People won't understand what the **** you are talking about.
And the number one thing to not do while on a caffine high:
Go online. HEY!!! What did I say?! Get off now!!-JK-, it's all good.

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