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Our Fave Quotes

These are witty quotes for your edification, amazement, or amusement. Sometimes (most times...) we find ourselves saying these, or they pop up in a TV show (sometimes a video game) and we write them down (Cynthia does this often!). You might have even noticed the quote on the index page. It's sorta our motto. If you didn't see it, click here. Now I give you our quotes, long may they live.
"There ain't no gettin' offa this train we're on."
-Barret; FF7

"Love is the opposite of despair. An overpowering love may consume you in the end..."
-Vincent; FF7

"...It's too dangerous."
-Cloud; FF7

"Poor Cloud. He has to stand there and listen to us call him nothing."
-Aeris; FF7

"Tell us..." "...Or I'll smash them."
-Cloud and Tifa; FF7

"What the heck was that that came buzzing through here like a powerhouse?"
-Cid; FF7

"Now all I have to do is a little this, and a little that, nyuk nyuk, nyuk..."
-Yuffie; FF7

"I think I see a pattern emerging."
-Cynthia the Great as she is typing this

"Poor Tifa... Cloud's star, Aeris' star...A perfect match!"
-Cait Sith; FF7

"...Now she will become part of the planet..."
-Sephiroth; FF7

"Because you are... a puppet."
-Jenova; FF7

"The heck's a Bugenhagen?!"
-Cynthia; while flipping through the FF7 guidebook for the first time

-Cynthia; upon finding out what a Bugenhagen is

"...We can still go back if you want a piece..."
-Seth Green; Idle Hands

"I'm no hero, I just like to hit people in the head."
-Nelson Muntz; The Simpsons

"When they made her, they broke the mold... then killed the mold maker, dragged him into the streets, and put his head on a stick."
-Drew Carey; The Drew Carey Show

"Genie in a suit- just rub me and make a wish."
-Michael J. Fox; For Love or Money

"Take it off, or I break it off!"
-Leela; Futurama

"Chaos will always rule over order."
-Hexadecimal; ReBoot

"We thought it was just an STO... A Standard Training Op."
-Mercinary; Enemy of the State

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people
in large groups."
-Ancient Chinese Proverb (sure...)

"Stupid is as stupid does."
-F. Gump

"You're just an idiot looking for a village."
-Cynthia the Great

"I don't think you've got the grapes!"
-Baby Stewie; Family Guy

"Let's get a kitty!"
-Baby Stewie; Family Guy

"This show has warped my fragile little mind."
-Eric Cartman; SP: BL&U

"Shagwell by name, Shag-VERY-well by reputation."
-Heather Grahm; Austin Powers: SWSM

"Merry Christmas and Happy Y2K. I hope a satellite dish lands in your back yard."
-Cynthia the Great

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