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Our Fave Lynx

These are our favorite links, which you can probably tell from the page title *grin*. Visit them often, and somping good will happen -Just Kidding- But visit them anyway.

Cynthia's Links:

Flaming Text.Com--GO THERE NOW!!! It's wicked kewl!
Anime web turnpike
Project Anime
Starfire's S.D. Gallery
Sailor Moon Universe
SMU's Midi Jukebox
Anime Inn
KTLA's Pokémon site (Southern Cali network)
Kaze no Ohimesama's Palace
The Cathedral (Lunar: SSS-Complete site)
Foreign Language Translater
Blue Mountain online greeting cards
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Gifworks--free online gif tool
Imagine Radio--create your own radio station online for free!!
Gamepro Online
Cynthia's Realm-- it pays to advertise!!

Lisa's Links:

Tons of kewl stickers at Stick-'em-up.Com
Blink 182's official site
Lit's official site

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