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Yunyin's page of craziness!

My favorite Anime/Manga titles to date

Excellent Web sites!

The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction I've ever read
Anipike a great place to search for anime websites!
Lunatic Sugar's temporary page
Where you can find all my latest art!
Ivyna J. Spyder's webpage
The Moditory, the place to find reviews on PC mods


Hello all! An update at last!! **gasp** Hopefully, the next time this thing is updated, it will be an actual website, with stuff like CONTENT. Tee hee. In the meantime, I've updated my links and whatnot with sites that aren't actually obsolete. I love all you darling people!! XOXO

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Who is this "Yunyin"? What's "Lunatic Sugar"?
Yunyin is a character of mine that began as some doodles in the sixth grade with my bestest pal Neko. (Sumuri). In time, other characters grew, and we formed a group of super heros in the year 2016. Look for updates soon! Yunyin's birthday: May 11th, 2005

~~~NOTE: The artwork on this page belongs to me and is of original creation. Do not use these pictures without permission.~~~


"Oh, good for you! Don't you just deserve a cookie!" ~Usagi, "First Truths"

DISCLAIMER: The stuff on this page is mine, and the stuff in the links to other websites is theirs. You know this, I know this, no stealing!!