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Angel Cop Gallery

The cast

Angel herself
Hacker and Piece
The Vigilantes
The others
The baddies

Angel Cop is not one of the best animes I have ever seen, but it's certainly not the worst (Tekken holds that dubious title, if you disagree tell me and I'll take your comments into considerations when I finally find pictures from it to add them to the site). It centers around Angel, a beautiful but deadly Special Forces officer who bites into more than she can chew when the terrorist organisation the Red May start to get killed by others than the ones appointed to kill them, namely the Special Forces. Partering up (albeit briefly) with Raiden, the rather attractive guy who liked to go round topless ( ^_^ ) they set out to catch up with the organisation, only for Raiden to be knocked from his bike and take injuries that even if he survives wil debilitate him for the rest of his life. Angel catches up with the leader, and seems unconcerned with Raidens accident, apart from the fact that he has vanished from the scene with little trace left of the accident that happened.
If you want to know more you should really watch it, or at least wait for me to watch it again and read the updates ^_^()...