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Yes, Omi, there are others like you...

Beam me up, Omi!

Poor Omi. He's always the one who has to stay up late and play with the computer because the others are apparently incompetant. Or they just like to pick on him, because I do seem to recall Ken using the computer once or twice... Anyhow, fear not Omi, you are not alone. There are other young and technologicaly minded kids out there...of course, none of THEM have amnesia...

Narutaki of Steam Detectives
Narutaki looks about three, is probably closer to fourteen, and seems to be the only competant detective in Steam City. I would bet that this guy doesn't get a chance to make many friends his age.

Ai of Cat's Eye
Ai, at sixteen, is the youngest of the three sisters who make up the thievery team of Cat's Eye. She's the scientific one - she can make the coolest weapons that you have ever seen. (Or close to it) It seems that she plays the Omi role in her story - she plays with the technology, and her sisters plot and stuff. Hey, now that I think of it, Ai and Omi would be a pretty good couple...^_^;

Skuld of Ah! My Goddess
Skuld is kind of like Ai. She's the technical one. But she's also like Omi in that SHE'S the one who has to stay up and figure out how to fix everything. Omi could learn a thing or two about how to lose one's temper from this girl.

Jim of Spirit of Wonder
Ok, so he's a little old. But he does get stuck with the grunt work in his story! Yep, good ol' Jim is working away long after Dr. Breckinridge is asleep. And Miss China too, for that matter. Trust me, he fits. ^_^

Chibi Moon Sailor Moon
Poor Chibi Moon is stuck in the past and for all of the anime of R she is stuck hanging out with people six, or seven years older than her, who usually don't even apreciate her.
Chiriko Fushigi Yugi
Chiriko is one of the seven sei, but why did they all have to be so much older than him?
Shippo Inu-Yasha
The excitement of having no one to talk to your age! And get to listen to two people fighting with each other, because they won't admit that they really like each other!
Ok, I can't think of any more at the moment so if you two come up with any, stick em on. Also, you can turn this into a top ten if the mood strikes.