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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Reincarnation of Weiss Kreis?


Have you ever seen Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, the one that is playing on the Cartoon Network? Did you ever notice the startling resemblence between Aya and Hiro? Ok, so they look nothing alike, but you almost have to wonder if Hiro is not a reincarntion of Aya. They're both bishonen, who have a broody sort of personality. They both are killers for a cause. They both have cheerful friends, i.e. Ken and Duo, who it is hard to imagine how they ended up in their current situation. They both have to work with these cute little blonde guys who look like they pass the fine line between bishonen and efeminate, aka Omi and Quatre. They both end up working with some one with a peculiar hair cut, Youji and Trowa. Ok so now I'm really digging! But there are strange similarities, not only what has been named above, but that they are both working for a person that most of them don't know in the least and cannot even recongnise his face. It is just possible that if Weiss Kreiss was mecca and futuristic, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is what you would get.