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The Clothing in Weiss Kreiss


Looking at what the Weiss boys consider as their uniforms always makes me wonder what were they thinking? Here are some theories on the possible resoning behind certain articles of clothing.

Ken's sweater wrapped around his waist

1.He wanted to have a spare piece of warm clothing kept handy incase he met a beautiful woman in distress. Then he could be chivalrous without catching pnemonia himself.
2.He thought it would be camoflage. He would just look like some inocent tourist with it on.
3.He thought with a bulky sweater tied around his middle he wouldn't look so thin.
4.Really, it's a secret wepon. In that sweater are all sorts of deadly tools he uses if his steal claws fail.
5.He was so used to having a shirt tied around his waist in his soccer days, that he feels more at home going about his bussiness with one on.
6.He thought his outfit looked drab without it.

Youji's big white crosses on either arm

1.He thought if he put crosses there people would get confused about where his heart was and he would only have to deal with a wounded arm.
2.They look impressive. Women love a man who knows how to dress!

Ken's goggles

1.He'll never have to worry about dust in his contact lenses.
2.If he ever has to grab a motor cycle and run, he won't have to worry about wind blinding him.
3.Everyone else had some kind of accessory and he wanted one too.
4.He was going for sun glasses, but they were out of stock and this was all he could get.

Aya's earrings
Oh wait, he HAS a real reason for wearing them. His sister gave them to him to give to his next girl friend and he decided to wear them as homage to the real Aya. Ooops! ^-^;