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A Movie Mastake of a Life Time


Mene's Idea One of Persia's little secretaries was watching the film La Femme Nikita. She thought it was rather good and lent it to the Weiss boys. So they sat down and started to watch it. When the agent walks in and tells Nikita that she either become a killer for the government, or die something starts to click in Aya's mind. It sounds a little like his life. As the movie goes on all of them start to see the similarities between their situation and hers. The movie ends. Nikita has just left. Disapeared of the face of the earth. It occurs to them that there is no reason that THEY couldn't do that...

Next day one of Persia's minions walks in to tell them of their next assignment. They're all gone. The only thing left is a conspicuos copy of La Femme Nikita on the table.