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Youji's Review of the Top Ten MegaPlayboys

Hey baby...

(Or it just could be us going berserk again...)

10. James Bond
Self Evident

9. Nokoru of CLAMP School Detectives
OK mabye it is more apropriate to say that he endevors to become a mega-playboy. He certainely tries to be a ladies man. He is more than nice to every female he meets regardless of if she is seven, or seventy. He doesn't know what to do when the girls fall at his feet, but in the future he has the potential for being as bad as Junta Two.

8. Grenedin of Wish
Grenedin is a devil and they pride themselves on their mega-playboy tendencies. Or at least he does...

7. Kuno of Ranma 1/2
He's not too bad, but he does want to two-time Akane and Ranma-chan!

6. Kaji of Neon Genesis Evangelion
He is a terrible flirt. Apperantly his playboy tendencies were part of the reason he and Misato broke up.

5. Ryugi of DNA^2
In the begining of the series Tomoko is ticked off because Ryugi is going out with several women at once. In the anime he has a really bad pick up line too. "You can't get away from me! Our DNA is attracted to each other."

4. Rubeus of Sailor Moon
Rubeus is working with four beautiful and rather evil sisters. He also is flirting, kissing, whatever with all of them. If he got the chance he'd probably start hitting on the sailor senshi too.

3. Touga of La Fillette Revolutionaire
One could say that Touga just falls in love at first sight, but maybe lust is the more apropriate word. The moment he sees Utena, even before he knows her name, he claims he is in love and is trying to kiss her every chance he gets. And Utena is not the only girl he seems to be after...

2. Shun Mitaka of Masion Ikkoku
Another fan of the sparkly star attack, but only with a modest one glint smile. Mitaka has such a playboy reputation that the readers don't even need to see him hitting on the girls to know his type.

1. Junta Two of DNA^2
No one can beat Junta at the sparkly star attack. He has all the moves to get almost any woman to fall at his feet in a puddle of adoration. He speaks so smoothly that he could be a shakespeare character and his charm is so irrestistable that women don't even notice his weird hair cut. Not many other men could say that they had 101 children off of different women, who grew up to be just as promiscuous as himself.