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The Top Ten Broody Guys According to Aya

Waah! Get me out of here!!

(Ok, ok, it's according to the Wyrd Sisters...)

10. Tamahome of Fushigi Yugi
Coming from a fairly tragic past and probably having a more tragic future, Tamahome isn't known to complain about it, but he does have the occaisional bout of self-pity.

9. Yamoto of the Diet Goddess
Life just seems so unfair to him what with all his money blown on some older woman who then dumped him. All that he can do about it is sit and think.

8. Wakagi of Code Name: Sailor V
There is no way he can catch Sailor V and his reaction? To brood!

7. Kusanagi of Blue Seed
Kusanagi has no where to go. There is really no one he can even talk to. So he keeps it all inside.

6. Fioret of Sailor Moon
Another guy with a tragic past who feels sorry for himself. To the detriment of others, we might add.

5. WuFei of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
He has a major inferioty complex. It's so big that he even will extend it to other people, though most times he just tells himself.

4. Mamoru of Sailor Moon
Again this guy really needs an ego boost. Well, and to stop getting brainwashed, but that's another story.

3. Ryoga of Ranma 1/2
Same as above, but to a larger extreme.

2. Heero of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
He is so depressed that he is suicidal, but he tells no one of his emotions. Not a healthy boy.

1. Zelgadis of Slayers
Zel has all the problems of the other guys plus some (can you say Rezo?) and spends most of his time brooding.

Runnersup: Any one else played by Hikaru Midorikawa.