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This is my favorite mech to use from my favorite video game, Armored Core 2. This is the garage kit version of the 1/144 scale action figure thats supposed to be out. I didn't buy the pre-built figures since I prefer to build and paint my models, anyway this was a resin kit for only $55. I switched the chain gun and the grenade launcher from this kit and the other one I didn't build yet because the emaruade AC is to weak compared to the zio matrix. I also drilled a small hole in the head and stuck a pin in there for the antenna which the model didn't have, and if you can see it I put a zion sticker on the left shoulder since it look like a zion type mech. The only problem I have with this is that its too unstable and I don't think my glue is strong enough for this. The laser rifle is to heavy for the arms and it has just a little handle which can barely hold it up.