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MS-06SN Zaku II Sniper

This is now one of my greatest kits yet. It took me all month to finish. It was my mg white zaku but I painted and modified this thing different. I gave this thing much detail in all the internal parts and modified the backpack rifle and heat hawk hold but when I took these pics I forgot to put the heat hawk in. I got putty for filling in the seems between parts. I tried to do a different way of weathering and filling in the lines. I did the thing were you use acrylics for the base color and then put an enamel like flat black on the lines and wipe the parts with thinner and a q-tip. The sniper rifle was another eva weapon that I modified, I just drilled a hole on the bottom of it and then I just stuck a 120mm clip on it. And I forgot to mention that I got new hands for this, they are made of soft plastic and metal wire so they can bend every finger which gives them a tight grip on weapons and things.