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HG Tall-Geese IV

The tallgeese is my favorite mobile suit from wing. I had the idea of makeing a new tallgeese in my head for a while. I took the bazooka, back-pack and the parts that go on the wires from the black zaku kit, and added an extra ZZ gundam head-V to the head of the tallgeese II. I cut off the wires that were on the mega cannon, and re-placed them with rubber hoses and slipped the beed things on. I also did the same thing to connect the wires to the back-pack and the body. And to be able to put the back-pack on the back I drilled a hole in it so the peg on the back of the back-pack can fit right in. After the painting I took "4" decales from z-plus and rx-79. I also made yet another space picture in the photo shop, and drew on the beam sabre for that glowing effect.