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RGM-Wing Cannon

My second modified mobile suit from wing. It's probably my best one yet. The hard part of it was making the cannon on the back, it resembles the folding grenade launcher from the psx game armored core. I had to saw off the front half of the bazooka, luckily there was a hole and peg connection in the part which made things easier. Then I connected a leg joint from v gundam kit to the piece that was there. For the second part I drilled a "path" from one point to another, which didn't come out very strait, then I put a bolt and nut in there and connected the other end of the leg joint to it. For the head I cut away some plastic and put putty over it to make it look like viser on a gms head. I gave it two optional shields, one with two missiles and one with a beam saber at the end of it. On other stuff like the beam rifle it has I took an extra eva rifle and added stuff to it. The shoulders and flaps are extra parts from the mg gundam.