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FG Gundam

I've been trying to get one of these since I got the zaku. It's one of my favorite kits. I did a few of modifications to some of the parts. 1. drilled wholes it the shield, 2. improved the looks of the v on the head better by making it pointier with an xacto knife, 3. drilled a hole in the gun and glued a small nail in it then drilled a hole in the side of the body so it can attach to it, 4. improved the leg joints by making the holes bigger with a drill, then putting the leg polly caps from gundam wing or x models in the holes, and getting the leg connecters from one of them modify it so it'll fit, and then glue it in. I have it next to the high grade in one picture showing how much better the first grade is. I did weathering with q-tips ,and the last picture I did in the photo shop.